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Jul 27, 2011 10:12 AM

Resting Pulled Pork

I have a dinner party and the pork butt will be sufficiently smoked earlier than expected. When it gets to its desired temperature, I'm going to wrap it in foil and let it rest in a cooler.

Question: What's the longest I should let it rest in there before I "pull" it? And if I have to pull the pork before my guests get here, what's the best way to reheat it?



El Bandito

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  1. I always pull mine as soon as I can, using a couple of forks to shred it. If you let it cool down, it won't shred so easily.
    I use a crock pot. Drain off the fat. Put the meat and sauce in the pot and refrigerate until 2 hours before company comes. Plug the crock pot back in, set heat to low and let it cook until time to serve.

    1. We've let ours rest wrapped in foil and in a small Playmate cooler for 2-3 hours before. It was fine... no better than fine!

      1. We shred the pork as soon as it cool enough to handle. We shred by hand. Never had a problem using this method. We get rid of the excess fat, and then the pulled pork is lovingly bathed in homemade BBQ sauce before filling crusty rolls. I like my sandwich drier than my wife does. Hers are usually sopping wet.

        1. agree with the others about shredding as soon as it's cool enough to handle. i don't have a crock pot, but try to make stuff like this at least one day ahead of whatever party. wrap in foil in the fridge, then reheat in a low oven, or give a quick reheat on the stove top in a dutch oven, stirring often.

          1. This is what we do for competitions, except that we also wrap in an old but clean towel. The pork will stay hot in the cooler for 3 to 4 hours. It can be easily pulled just before your guests arrive.

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              Thank you to all. I'm pulling it off the grill soon, which means it will be wrapped less than 4 hours. Situation resolved!