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Jul 27, 2011 09:54 AM

Chinatown for group of 30

Hello everyone! I'm posting on behalf of my friend who is looking for a restaurant in Chinatown to reserve at, that can accomodate 30 people for a post-wedding-rehearsal dinner on a Thursday evening in August, around 8pm. It doesn't have to be "fancy". She is hoping to find a place that will do a set menu. Another friend of mine suggested Mon Nan, Tong Por, Kam Fung and Ruby Rouge... but since I know nothing about these places (aren't the last three dim sum places?), I figured I'd consult the experts :P

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  1. Don't go to Ruby Rouge, it's terrible. I would go to Kam Fung (it's dim sum for lunch only,) or Mon Nan if you feel like Peking duck. Haven't been to Tong Por.

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      I disagree, Ruby Rouge is very good and less crowded then Kam Fung. They each have their strong suites. I can also say that they will accomodate a group of 30 without any issues, and can do a set menu for you. We have recently reserved the entire restaurant for an event in a few months.

      Tong Por in Cartierville is very good, better then Kam Fung actually. I don't know anything about the chinatown location, if there is one.

      As for the dim sum question, dim sum is served usually as breakfast, until 3pm. After that, the restaurant serves a-la-carte chinese dishes.

    2. I know Kam Fung has a private room that can fit that group and they do set menus. They're usually not that busy on week nights given the size of the place so it should be easy to get reservations.