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Jul 27, 2011 09:49 AM

New in Newport - Thames Street Kitchen

After trying to get in a couple of times, finally snagged a table at this new (1-2 month old?) resto at the end of Lower Thames (near Mamma Luisa’s). Small menu that changes daily according to the catch and fetch – just 4 starters and 4 entrees – but the food was excellent. Plates were $23-28 I think and being a BYO, definitely a great value. Check out a sampling of the menus on their Facebook

We had the scallop ceviche – fantastic – and lobster croquettes to start. The fritters were the only misfire of the night. The Mooring does these so well (aka the lobster bag of donuts) and these came off as very mushy and too potatoey. For entrees we got the Ahi Tuna and Prawns over corn. Great meal, great service.

Just read that the two co owner chefs worked under Forgione at BLT Prime and that he was in town this week guesting. I love Tallulah’s but TSK seems a better value – both the price point and saving on drink.

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  1. I agree - although I will say that I think the fritters are a matter of taste - I find the bag of donuts at The Mooring to be doughy and somewhat bland - I thought the ones at TSK were creamy and a more interesting texture.... at least that's what I thought of the one bite I had from my friends plate!

    1. I agree 100% the food is excellent well prepared and attention to detail and their fit report is flawless. Between them, Bouchards, FLuke, Clark Cooke House you cant go wrong.