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RUB comes to Long Island

The only thing good about Newsday is the sports section and the Feed Me blog and they report that RUB, an exceptional Q restaurant is on the way to East Meadow.


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  1. Thanks for posting that. I'd heard about this a while ago and had completely forgotten.

      1. Not entirely true....there's a review of a fantastic production of Spring Awakening in Tuesdays paper. (okay...maybe I'm biased as I'm a part of it, but hey...there's lots of good eating in Smithtown!)

        But I digress....that looks like some tasty Q.

        1. RUB serves truly excellent BBQ. I've heard that they are opening in mid August.

          If you'd like a preview, stop by the 5th Annual NY State BBQ Championships in Manorville. RUB is sponsoring the event and will be vending there. 8/6 and 8/7 at The Maples.

          Andrew, the owner, will be on hand and there will be a number of demos all weekend.



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          1. re: motoeric

            We went, didn't see vending of anything we wanted to eat going on yesterday.

            1. re: mcf

              Well, I guess I made the right decision to pass on it.

              1. re: sbp

                It was a day of drinking at The Maples and cooking and noshing by the contestants. I really didn't want a hot dog, Mr. Softee or grilled ear of corn... The crowd was mostly biker chic and looked well fed, but we were hungry. Had a great meal at Z Pita in Port Jeff, haven't been back there since we moved away 7 years ago.

                Z Pita
                217 Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

                1. re: mcf

                  I'm confused. Did you see the food vended by RUB and chose not to try it or did you not see it?

                  They were almost directly across from the Ocean Spray people where the demos were taking place.


                  1. re: motoeric

                    I saw them there, but no vending going on while we stopped by...

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                      That is very strange. Their vending helped to raise over $5,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation. The lines were HUGE every time I stopped by.

                      Next time, stop by the Grill Scouts team and say 'hi'. We usually have plenty of extra food after turn-ins for the judges.


                      1. re: motoeric

                        It was mid afternoon, and we actually asked folks at one of the tents where food was being sold after not seeing it happening and we were directed to the Maple's deck. Maybe it was too close to just before the judging? I'll remember to check Grill Scouts, thanks. :-)

          2. Any idea of when they are opening. The sign is up, the phone is working but no spefic date on the phone message.

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              I think, from nosing around, that it's pretty clear they don't have the date yet.

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                I had the pleasure of spending some time with Paul Kirk this weekend and he said they'll be opening this week. Foe those who haven't had the chance to eat at RUB in NYC this is an excellent opportunity to try some first rate BBQ right here on Long Island.

                1. re: csweeny

                  Popped in this afternoon; Looked like they were prepping the wait staff; I asked about opening and was told : Perhaps, if all goes well, a "soft" opening this weekend but certainly by Monday it'll be a go. Can't wait

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                    We went for dinner tonite......Food had real good flavor; But the babyback ribs had a tad too much fat and were definately NOT falling off the bone; the mayo based cole slaw tasted real good and was home-made; fried onion strings were great; my daughter liked the pulled pork sandwich; my brisket was tasty but, again, not fork tender; additionally, it was really uniformly sliced as of by a slicing machine or at ;least an electric knife. Personally, I like my brisket to be knife sliced ala Katz's. Lots of interesting beers. It was opening nite so we're willing to cut them some slack.

                    1. re: mtobias1355

                      Ribs shouldn't be falling off the bone, so that's actually a plus. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the food.

                      I'll probably stop by tomorrow night. I'm excited to have good BBQ on Long Island again!


                      1. re: mtobias1355

                        Was the brisket sliced thickly or thinly? To me, that's more important than what was used to slice it (I like it cut thick).

                        1. re: Scott_R

                          Scott; Thin;

                          Eric; I thought that the purpose of smoking, in addition to flavor, was to render rather otherwise tough cuts of meat, soft and supple to the bite. These ribs had the flavor, but were not soft or supple

                          1. re: mtobias1355

                            I don't make my ribs fall off the bone tender, just tender and with lots of flavor. Same with brisket; I don't want it chewy, but it shouldn't fall apart into shreds, either, unless you shred it with forks. Braising, OTOH, should render everything fall off the bone tender... short ribs, frex.

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                              Actually, the process of BBQ takes food that is almost too tough to chew and breaks down the collagen so that the protein approximates the texture of other, more palatable, proteins. It's not intended to render the meat mushy, fall off the bone or without texture.

                              On the other hand, people enjoy what they enjoy and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you prefer ribs that are fall off the bone, more power to you.

                              BBQ purists have certain ideals that they use for judging 'doneness' of ribs, but their level of specificity is a bit much outside of a competition.

                              If you like it and the people you are dining with like it, enjoy and have a great time.


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                                A quick follow up: I was there again on Thursday and got some food to go. I had some ribs, some burnt ends and a pulled pork sandwich.

                                As expected, everything was fantastic.

                                If you like BBQ and you are in the area, it's well worth stopping by.


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                                  Went to RUB in East Meadow tonight (I've been to the Manhattan location a couple of times). In addition to my own order (brisket with corn bread and greens) the table ordered a few items. One, the chili-cheese fries I didn't taste (I don't like glop on my fries).

                                  The brisket was excellent--tender and with the right amount of smokiness. Glad they don't sauce the meat, 'cause it was plenty tasty without it. As stated before, i wish, though, that they cut it thicker.

                                  Cornbread was good was good without being exceptional; the greens very good.

                                  Vinegar-based slaw was good, though too sweet for my taste.

                                  For dessert, others ordered fried Oreos for the table; unfortunately, this is exactly what I *don't* like, so I left 90% of mine.

                                  1. re: Scott_R

                                    I was looking forward to trying this new barbecue restaurant. I brought a variety of items home tonight to share with my family. The babyback ribs were dry and too tough, the chicken was mediocre, the fries were soggy. The hushpuppies were tastless. The baked beans , cole slaw, and corn bread were fine.The onion straws were greasy but great. The bill was huge.

                  2. Saw the sign while running an errand yesterday afternoon. Live in Levittown and it was definite pool day. Have been to RUB in Chelsea several times. Swimming works up an appetite.
                    Went for an early dinner.
                    We were all hungry and did not want to mess with apps. Wanted to get to the meat. Very nice young waitress, needs a little seasoning as to knowing the menu. We ordered one pound burnt ends, a 3 meat platter of pulled pork, pastrami and brisket, and a half rack of ribs. Sides were cole slaw, potato salad, onion strings and fries. The meats were mostly great. Burnt ends really great. Ribs and pulled pork wonderful. Brisket and pastrami a little dry. Ribs had good bark and the right tug, not overcooked. there were 3 of us so we have a nice combo sandwich leftover. Mayo slaw was really good. Fries not very crispy but nicely flavored with some rub sprinkled on, slightly sweet. Onion strings were tasty but a little over-salted. Potato salad pretty damn good. Although we had had a refreshing frozen cocktail at home aprez swim, one of us desired a beer with dinner. There is a large selection of beer and a non weekend happy hour where there are special discount. We did not get this because it it was Saturday (I said the waitress needs seasoning, she told us we would get the happy price). The one drinking was intrigued with the Sam Addams Summer Ale and we asked if she could taste a sample before ordering a pint. The waitress was happy to accommodate and that was her choice. Fried oreo dessert. Like an oreo wrapped in a zeppoli. The two women loved them, me, not so much.

                    I was so hungry and had a slight buzz on that I forgot to bring my camera. I will correct that on a future visit.
                    the differences between the NYC location and here are :
                    1 This is a nice place with tables and booths, dark wood and has nice atmosphere.
                    2 Metal knives forks and spoons.
                    3 Although no regular plates (maybe someday?) some of the sides came on little plates.
                    4 A parking lot. Front and back.

                    Although it is not inexpensive it is a true oasis in the BBQ desert that was L.I. Dinner for 3 no apps, 1 beer, 1 dessert, tax and tip was $86.

                    Andrew the owner came over to see how we were doing and was very nice about discussing how he wound up here. The site was already a restaurant, and Hempstead Tpke is one of the busiest streets on L.I.

                    This is the real deal. If you like Q it is finally available here on the Island. If you do not know if you like Q, this is the place to find out. If you do not like Q, you may have not had the goods.

                    1. Just got back from dinner at RUB and sorry to say, it was a disappointment. Maybe because it was 7 p.m. on a Sunday, maybe my expectations were set very high, but while what was good was VERY good, not that much was good tonight. Bummed, because the smoke was there, the char was good, but not the final result for the most part.

                      The good: unsauced meats, nice char/crust and smoke, love the smokiness. Burnt ends; something I've never ordered anywhere, but might be the only thing I liked here in terms of meat because they had fat and were thus moist and juicy in addition to being smoky. Loved them, though there wasn't that much of them and almost half the pieces were fat without meat attached, what meat there was was really excellent. This was the single meat we'd choose to eat again based upon tonight's visit.

                      We liked the onion strings, they were crisp and greaseless. We don't normally get battered stuff, breads, sweet slaw, etc... Those are the two things that were good, burnt ends and onion strings.

                      The meats were really dry otherwise. I love very thin sliced brisket, unsauced but this made me so nostalgic for the buttery, moist brisket we got at Hog House when it first opened. Maybe it'd been sliced hours before, maybe it was first cut, but it was DRY... like pass me some water dry. Nary any visible fat... like a spa version of brisket. I don't know about you, but I don't go for fat free bbq.

                      St. Louis style ribs were plump, smoky and dryish verging on all dry as another posted said. Not bad, but not good. Fat means flavor, and these meats were all very lean. I hate eating lean pork, it has all the juiciness bred out of it. Other than buying heritage breeds or cutting smoke time, I don't know what can be done about this.

                      Pastrami was very lean, too, very nice smokiness but salty to the point of discomfort, though my salt loving husband likes that. I like salt just fine, but this was extreme, IMO. And again, very lean, but not unpleasantly dry like the other meats on his plate.

                      Like the sausage... yikes... dry and grainy like cereal inside, the way sausage gets if you overcook it and all the juices run out... nothing to spread the flavors out in your mouth. It was like dust inside, like the ones I forgot on the grill early this summer. It looked sort of shriveled sitting there before we tasted it, wrinkled, so I was ready for it, but damn...

                      Greens were bland, not much bacon smoke or flavor to them.

                      We didn't use any bbq sauce, but I tasted them to check them out; the spicy one has real kick and the regular has nice vinegariness. Not terribly sugary like so many, but sweetish.

                      I, too, found the industrial style precision cuts on all the meats to be a bit jarring to look at, but I guess that's nothing to judge harshly, as long as the meats are moist and good. Tonight just wasn't our night to get moist and good q.

                      A note about operations and service; servers are mostly young, clearly inexperienced and with minimal training and no noticeable manager's eye watching over the room. Even with plenty of servers on an uncrowded night, they took too long to show up when they should. Since they're new, the place is new, someone should be watching the room for folks sitting idly waiting to order drinks or dinner, or anxiously gazing around for a check, please, etc. The table next to us had two or three of their five or six orders come out wrong, or incomplete. Never saw a manager stop by there, though a woman who may've been manager and who was sitting at the bar part of the time did stop by to ask us how our meal was.

                      I hope tonight was an aberration, though I'm not sure I could convince hub to drive that far for a repeat. He pretty much said so.

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                        Slight amendment after eating the lone leftover rib for breakfast... I wouldn't call it succulent, but it was not as dry as I described it above, there is definitely a bit of fattiness left in it, and it was, as I said, plump. As to the leftover brisket, it's drier than I remembered it, and not at all tender. I'll have to chop it up and sauce it for anyone to want to eat it.