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Jul 27, 2011 08:32 AM

Need help i.d.'ing a dish I saw people eating in Honolulu's Chinatown

Hi all - I was recently in Hawaii visiting my grandmother and while in Chinatown one afternoon, I saw a family at a table near to us eating what looked like fried rice, which they were garnishing with Thai basil and chili paste then wrapping in the most beautiful leafy lettuce. It looked so fresh and tasty. I've made my own versions of it with lopchang, green onions, sesame oil, etc. etc. since coming home, but I was hoping someone could i.d. this dish for me, and maybe suggest a restaurant that makes it.


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  1. Which restaurant? Did you post in the Honolulu Chow as well?

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      It was the Maunakea Marketplace, so could have been from any one of the multiple food stalls there. But that's a good idea; I'll ask the Honolulu hounds. Thanks!

    2. Champa Garden in Oakland serves a dish they call fried rice ball salad which sounds like what you're describing. It's Laotian.

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          Thanks--was too lazy to look it up. And it was delicious! In case you're up in Northern California and have a craving for great SE Asian food. It was served with fresh cilantro and mint, rather than basil.

          I didn't have anything quite like it in Laos, except maybe the sausage. The rice is super crunchy.

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            Fantastic - that's it!! Thanks for the wiki page -- there was a link to a recipe. Will have to try it ASAP.

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              Excellent. And if it turns out, we're coming over for dinner.