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Jul 27, 2011 07:49 AM

Gelatto in Edmonton?

I have been thoroughly enjoying the gelatto on offer at the Riverbend/Terwillegar Famoso "store".

I think their version comes from Fiasco in Calgary.

A Google search did not assist and I am hopeful that CHOWHOUND may. Is Fiasco's gelatto sold anywhere else in Edmonton? I am thinking 1/2 pint or pint sizes rather than by the scoop at Famoso?

Failing that, is there a comparable local product that is recommended? I have really enjoyed the BC Blueberry and decadent Espresso chipped, chocolate version that I would be hard pressed to distinguish from good quality ice cream..............

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  1. I would be interested in this as well. It is not easy to find authentic gelato on the prairies! The so-called gelato place on Whyte Avenue across from the Marble Slab isn't all that authentic - nothing even close to what I have had in Italy. Sigh...

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      again, not by the pint, but the stuff at daCapo is really, really good. I like it better than the stuff from famoso. He makes it on site. If it is still the same then Tesoro sells his gelato as well.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        Will definitely look into it next time we are in Edmonton. As I have celiac disease (tough for a food person!) the gelato must be gluten free with no chances of cross contamination as well.

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          I am curious. Have you recently had the gelato at Famoso or that which they originally sold?

          The only reason I ask is that apparently they switched suppliers from one local. (ie. Edmonton) to Fiasco out of Calgary.

          I am not very experienced when it comes to gelato and sorbeto but I do like what I have had recently. Will have try the other spots you mentioned.

          I never tried that which was originally on offer when Jared and Jason opened the original location on Jasper Ave because I usually brought my pizzas home and the gelato would have melted by the time I got to the west end. [sigh/smile]

          1. re: Bob Mac

            I remember a gelato change at one point at Famoso and wondered what happened. I suppose with the expansion they would have to find something consistent and capable of supply.

            I quite enjoy the gelato at Da Capo as well. Leva can carry quite a good selection during the summer too. I've heard decent things about the gelato at Chocolate Exquisite, but have never been.

            Chocolate Exquisite
            11238 104 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2X4, CA

            1. re: raidar

     much gelato and so little time......

              Time to break out the "fat pants" again........................

              1. re: Bob Mac

                "Time to break out the "fat pants" again........................"

                With the cool morning today, I say it's almost time to start adding that winter weight back!

              2. re: raidar

                I love Da Capo's gelato. I only wish they would bring back the mascarpone and ricotta flavours they used to have. There were so good when paired with one of the other gelatos, but they never seem to have them anymore.

        2. The serving temperature is apparently quite important to creating the right texture. I have never found any home product that can compete with the experience of getting a freshly scooped gelato at a cafe/store.

          1. Bueno Gelato across the street from MEC was the original Famoso supplier, I believe. They have take out in large sizes.

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            1. re: anonymoose

              Bueno IMO is the worst, tried them last about 2 years ago, they too had changed, unfortunately for the worse. It seems a lot more like ice cream than gelato, I didn't even finish my dish.

              I tried Famoso as recently as a year ago, not sure when the change occurred.

              Like almost anything, I just don't think you can compare to made on site.

            2. This used to be the best in Edmonton, I haven't been there for a while.
              Give them a call and ask for details or just go and sample.
              Good Gelato hunting to you.

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              1. re: Magnapro

                Pinocchio products are really good. I know they're marketed as gelato, but to me they do seem more like a premium ice cream style. I think this may be due to the fact that typical retail and home freezer temperatures are not the ideal temperature for holding and serving gelato, so you lose some of that soft creamy texture.

                1. re: egon61

                  I thought Pinocchio wasn't selling over the counter anymore (wholesale and restaurant supply only)?

                  1. re: anonymoose

                    You are correct, I used to get the experiments right from the machine many years ago. I hope the product delivered is still good.