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Jul 27, 2011 12:56 AM

Place to eat before Philly Game

My husband and I are driving to Philly from central NJ for the Philly game on Sat. Sorry, not to see the Phillies but to see the Pirates (my husband is a BIG fan). Can anyone recommend a restaurant
for a before the game meal? Can we make a meal at the stadium? (Anything casual: pizza, tacos, a really good cheesesteak).

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  1. Tony Luke's on Oregon will be mobbed but always good. The steaks are well regarded, but I prefer the roast pork with provolone and rabe.

    1. There is actually a Tony Luke's in the stadium but the real location is much better. You can bring sandwiches into the game with you if you want, but for maximum ejoyment of a cheesesteak or roast pork, you should eat them right after you buy them. It's a takeout counter with some tables to eat, not really a restaurant btw.

      if you don't have time to do that and end having to eat at the stadium, there are some decent eats in Ashburn Alley (a few steps up from the regular Aramark crap), which has the Tony Luke's, but I'd recommend skipping it because they just make the sandwiches and let them sit out, it's not really worth the long line. Right next to Tony Luke's, Planet Hoagie makes pretty legit hoagies; they are mostly made to order, and the line is much shorter than Tony Luke's.

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        I like the Bull's BBQ at the park and my husband is a fan of the Schmitter (

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          Tony Luke's on Oregon. Especially for Jerseyites that cannot eat one each week. I gotta say, the roast pork w/ rabe was one of the best things I've ever eaten. My only regret is that I shoulda found it 20 years sooner! You will not be dissappointed, ant it's a hoot watching the eclictic crowd and staff.

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          4th for going to the actual Tony Luke's on Oregon, instead of eating at the stadium, particularly if you're in from out of town. It'll add a bit of time to your day but well worth it. It's an event by itself.

        3. Chickie & Pete's is fun sports bar atmosphere with decent bar grub. ( Broad & Packer)

          Take out hoagies--they are awesome!!--Pastificios--same shopping center as chickie & petes
          ( they may be closed on Sats)

          I heard Celebre's pizza is good too--have not had it yet

          Chickie & Pete's
          183 US Highway 130, Bordentown, NJ 08505

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            Thanks for the recs! I totally forgot about Tony Luke's! I'm sure it's definitely worth the wait at the original. As long as my husband gets to see his Pirates and he's happy and I get a cheesesteak, it will be worth the trip.

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              Tony Luke's has opened a sports bar across the street. I've never had to wait, even when the original place is jammed.