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Jul 26, 2011 05:56 PM

New restaurant near Arundel Mills - George Martin's GrillFire

So, I was at work today and saw a postcard for this place George Martin's Grillfire. (

Any buzz on this place? I live close by and am thinking of trying it and will report back if and when that happens.

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  1. Thanks for inquiring about us. We are a modern American grill specializing in steakhouse favorites. We are open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. We also have a great happy hour! Monday - Friday 4-7pm, featuring 2 for 1 beer and rail cocktails, $5 house wine and $5 selected appetizers.

    Check out our website for more information:

    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. OK - We finally checked this place out. Just let me say.... WOW! We had a lovely time. The decor is lovely as well as the staff. We chose to sit at the bar (normal for us). They have an open kitchen where you can see the chef's but they can't see you. We started out with the lump crabmeat and shrimp cocktail appetizer with mango salsa and cocktail sauce. Very good - the shrimp were a nice size and they were grilled which gave a nice flavor to the shrimp. oh - before that they serve you a little loaf of sourdough bread with a compound butter made of blue cheese, oilive oil and herbs. Very nice.

      DH ordered the handcut filet with roasted mushrooms and truffle butter. He was drooling over how good it was. The steak was cooked exactly how he ordered (med. rare).

      I ordered the BLT salad which was romain lettuce wedged with pickled carrots, tomato and a creamy herb dressing (BTW - I was told all dressings are made in house). It was great! Then I had the sea scallops in their Thai sauce - very good. I expected it to be hotter, but that came later, so you got the flavor of Thai, but then about 30 seconds later you got the heat, it wasn't too hot, but enough for you to notice. I can't wait to try the rest of the preperations.

      DH got dessert - get this - it was "make your own" S'mores. They bring you out a cast iron little pot that the light up so you have your own little camp fire and they bring you a plate of their in house made milk chocolate with marshmellows and graham crackers. So you toast your own marshmellows add the chocolate and just WOW! totally creative and a great idea. DH said the chocolate was really good.

      At the end of it all, instead of getting some sort of mint, you get a thing of pink cotton candy in a wire basket. It was totally cool.

      So, all in all - a great experience, great staff, innovative ideas, nice decor. We'll be back!

      1. Thanks for the report! I just wanted to comment about the make-your-own s'mores. The other night I was watching TV in the middle of the night and saw some show on the food channel about restaurants in Fort Worth. One of them featured make-your-own s'mores, with all the components house-made. It looked delicious - your mention of them tells me it's an upcoming trend. We'll probably start seeing them all over town within months.

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          We went back last night because I just didn't feel like cooking. I had the chicken pot pie - really good. The crust was nice and light and flaky. Nice chunks of white meat chicken and nice veggies. DH had the Ahi (I think) tuna. He enjoyed that. We also had the waffle/ice cream/fresh berries dessert and the sorbet. All lovely! Hope this place makes it - It's going to be a regular place for us!

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            Thanks so much cbauer! Love the feedback. Hope to see you and DH again soon.

            1. re: gfa2011

              You will! I have to try everything on the menu!! I also love being able to see the kitchen staff.

        2. Just got back from lunch - won't be going back there again. From the sloppy waiter to the lackluster food, I am not impressed, especially when dropping over $50 on lunch for 2.
          Appetizers were the best part of the meal, we did not even know they had a lunch special until we had already ordered but overheard another waiter telling his table, fries were uncooked in the center, grilled sandwich not consistently coated with pesto butter and contained some anemic tomatoes, I mean, how hard is it to screw up a grilled cheese??! Our first foray to this establishment was much better than today, are they slipping or just having an off day? Don't think I will try again to find out.

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            Interesting. I haven't been for lunch and haven't sat at a table as we usually sit at the bar. I think they must have had an off day because I had their fries and they were good. We're supposed to go back for dinner some time this week. I'll report back. I'll be disappointed if your review rings true when we go back.

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              Ok we went back for hubby's birthday dinner and had 2 friends with us. This time we sat at a table instead of the bar. The place was packed (Friday night). Our 2 friends started out with the potato leek soup - amazingly good. I had the BLT salad (as usual) and he again got the crab and shrimp cocktail. Just as nice as before.

              Entree dishes included a handcut petit filet and baked potato for me, He again got the larger handcut filet with the roasted mushrooms with truffle butter. Both great. Our friends had the sushi grade Ahi tuna - rare and the Tuscan chicken with melted mozzarealla and balsamic tomato. Both said the dishes were excellent. Dessert was shared by the table with the make your own S'mores and the the cheesecake topped with fresh berries and whipped cream. All were great.

              Service was good and attentive. I'm sorry to hear that rolito1013 has not had the experiences with the service and the food that we did. We'll still go back as there are many other things I want to try.