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Jul 26, 2011 05:55 PM

SchneiderS Country Natural Wieners

Is this what we have been waiting for?

$4 for 12 oz. of skinless kiddie dogs at Loblaws: "Just The Good Stuff": pork, water, salt, vinegar, sugar, cultured celery extract, spice, garlic, smoke .

Tastes like cheap baloney, with salt but no garlic or paprika.
The color is OK, but there is no hot dog flavor or skin snap.

Does anyone make an all beef frank, with lots of garlic, spicing, and paprika, and a lambskin?

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  1. That's what I found with those hot dogs too, I just found them a bit salty for me, I'd like to know where to get a good one as well!!!

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      I just thought of a place I used to go to in downsview 25 yrs ago that had great dogs, Kwinters, it was around the airport somewhere rimrock or steeprock,

      1. re: Dave5440

        I had the bacon and I thought it was pretty good. Too bad about the hot dogs.

        1. re: Dave5440

          Yes, it was on Steeprock, near Dufferin/Finch.

          Kwinters became Big Franks, which was essentially Kwinters - similar if not the same recipes.

          Big Frank's shut down last year sadly. I really loved it and mourn its closure.

          1. re: magic

            That really sucks, I haven't thought of that place for so long till this thread and now I want one bad. A google search turned up some leads and a similar chowhound thread

      2. "Cultured celery extract" may begin its life as celery juice. Once it is "cultured", it becomes something else. Simply stated, cultured celery extract is standardized nitrate. Egad....

        Try the Loblaw's "street" dogs. They don't have lots of garlic or spicing and they don't have a casing, but they do taste of paprika and coriander. Not awful. As to your question, I know that you know the answer... which is NO.

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            I wouldn't place one brain cell on the line in favour of food "scientists", read In "defence of food" first then make an "eye opening" discovery