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Jul 26, 2011 05:54 PM

When you hear Adobo what do you think of?

I make chicken adobo all the time, with vinegar and soy etc....and I have had other dishes that used the term Adobo, all typicaly some kind of sauce. But the other weekend I was at a cookout with some Puerto Rican friends, and the ribs and pork chops were amazing. I asked what they had done, and they said they were rubbed with Adobo. I have since bought Goya's Adobo seasoning and it is great. I just never thought of Adobo as a seasoning or rub. Do any of you have in your mind what you think Adobo is? I am so glad they showed me their version of Adobo!

On a side note, this is one of those questions I wish Sam were still around for. I am sure he would have known all the different versions of "Adobo"

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  1. The Philippine version with chunks of fatty pork, plenty of peppercorns and not too vinegary . Superb!

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            No, rather the red clay version.

      1. I think Goya. They have many versions of Adobo though. The one I get is the one with peppers.

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          I think of Goya's seasoning salt.

        2. As a Filipino, when I talk about adobo, I usually mean meat cooked in vinegar. But the word adobo means a marinade so it applies equally to a broad variety of seasonings, usually for meat, sometimes for vegetables, usually including garlic, herbs and a souring agent. In Puerto Rican cuisine, this takes the form of the dry seasoning salt you tasted as well as a wet garlic paste with oregano and citrus or vinegar. Mexican adobos use red chiles, garlic, herbs, spices and often vinegars (you may have encountered the flavor using a can of chipotles en adobo). Peruvians may use aji panca, Spaniards may use pimenton. It really depends on the best ingredients available wherever you are.

          1. Little cans of chipotle peppers packed in adobo.

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              Same here. I do wish they would have larger sizes or jars of the stuff. Not that it matters much since I put them in tiny jars anyway.

              I keep some in the cabinet, but rarely use it because it contains salt. I don't use it often, so I don't know how salty it is in a dish and I don't want to over-salt. So, I'm stuck on the familiarity/experience part out of fear. I also don't keep much produce that would complement the spices.