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Jul 26, 2011 03:39 PM

Frisee in Edmonton?

I have been wanting to prepare a Salad Lyonnaise (frisee, bacon, poached egg) for some time now, however, I have been unable to find any frisee. Have tried, the market, Italian Centre, Sunterra, Planet organic, Save On Foods, etc without any luck. Does anybody know of a source for this ingredient? I have made it with endive or chicory, but not the same.

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  1. solo40:

    I do not recollect seeing frisee anywhere in town.

    I have picked up one of those pre-washed cello packages of frisee and something else which I used with duck confit but I do not recollect the producer nor the name of the salad, i.e. Spring Greens, etc.

    Good luck. Please post if you do discover it.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Thanks , Bob,
      I too have seen Frisee in those pre-prepared salad fixing (about 1/100th of the total package). In fact the produce guy at Planet Organic didn't know what it was an frankly doubted there was such a thing until he saw frisee as an ingredient in one of the pre-packaged salad things.
      I spoke with the produce manager at Save on Foods and he said he hasn't seen any since he was at Urban Fare. One would think that the farmers market would try to have some unordinary greens We are really in the boonies in Edmonton with respect to ingredients. See my previous post looking for Nicoise Olives. (Which incidentally I did eventually find jarred at the Italian Center south - but it is rare). Any body seen any foie gras available here?

      1. re: solo40

        Foie gras is available at the Italian Centre from time to time. I have found frisee outside of Edmonton at our Sobeys but you can easily grow it yourself if you have space. :-)

        1. re: chefathome

          Little late for growing it as I was hoping for Thursday dinner. Which Sobey's outside of Edmonton? How far outside? I would be willing to drive to Leduc, but maybe not Calgary.
          I meant fresh lobes of foie gras that had me drooling at the Granville Island market in Vancouver, not the canned stuff.

          1. re: solo40

            Three hours' drive! Definitely not really doable for you unfortunately. And you're right - it IS a little late for growing it yourself. Possibly next year?? It does quite well here, actually.

            I have had the fresh lobes of foie at the Italian Centre a couple of times. They rarely have it in. NO comparison between the fresh and canned. I am usually able to find fresh in Saskatoon! If you are ever in that direction you can get it at the Bulk Cheese Warehouse on Broadway Avenue.

            1. re: chefathome

              Thanks chefathome,
              I go to the Italian Centre on 51st almost every day and I have never seen the fresh lobes of foie, probably because it never occurred to me to look for it there, being under the impression that the only uncooked meats they carried that weren't frozen were the Italian sausages. I assume these would be found at the deli counter., I will ask next time I am in the store.

    2. If you ask them at the Italian Centre (North or South) I am sure they can bring in Baby frisee bunches or a bulk chopped frisee. You could also try HW Central.
      You could also ask Sobeys produce Managers at Jasper, Hollick Kenyon, Southbrook or St. Alberta and they can special order it as well.
      (I work for a produce specialty company that ships to them once a week)

      1. I have found Earthbound Farm frisee once or twice in different grocery stores. It doesn't seem to be carried frequently though, so your best bet may be to try the special ordering as suggested by whythreecats.

        Ditto for mache. Hard to find, but when I see it I grab it!

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        1. re: anonymoose

          I know what you mean about mache! I now grow my own because it is so hard to find. Same with peppergrass and so on.