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Jul 26, 2011 02:51 PM

Chowhound "bum steers"

I saw this phrase in the Barking Crab thread and it made me chuckle.

Then it made me think.

Have I ever gotten a CH bum steer?

Have I ever given a CH bum steer?

In this spirit, my horror stories and my mea culpas. Feel free to play!

CH "bum steers" that I experienced:

Zalek's, Wakefield. All of the gushing in '07 led me to three medicore meals and two-and-a-half hours of my life wasted (waiting for the food or takeout.) At least I can say I went down swinging.

Grille Zone. Short-lived burger joint near BU West. Yuck.

Copia. Anthony Caturano's ill-conceived and even worse executed 'steakhouse.' Thanks, but I'll stick to the amazing Prezza.

Famous Dave's, Saugus. Still quite can't get the taste of that faux 'que out of my mouth. Bleeechh.

Gitlo's. Apparently, I missed the window of goodness and got nothing but meh.

My "bum steers"

Pressed Sandwiches. Depressing how fast that place went down hill. Makes me wonder, was it ever any good?

Hot Off The Press. Defunct place in Charlestown Navy Yard - Really, not worth the trip due to inconsistency and often cold interiors of pressed sammys.

(BTW, two bad pressed sandwich places = don't ever take ole Bob's advice on pressed sandwiches!)

Blue's Diner, Melrose. When you are wrong, you are wrong! boy was I wrong!! Another shuttered eatery, another bad rec by me, especially for dinner. Ashen burgers and weeping grilled cheese do not a diner make.

Grand Canal - $12 for a unappetizing BBQ chix & bacon wrap? I'm sorry that I ever mentioned the place.

21 Princess St, Wakefield, MA 01880

The Barking Crab
88 Sleeper Street, Boston, MA 02210

24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

Grille Zone
1022 Commonwealth Ave, Newton Center, MA

Pressed Sandwiches
2 Oliver St, Boston, MA 02109

Grand Canal
57 Canal St, Boston, MA 02114

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  1. i was completely dumbfounded when encountering the attitude at neptune oyster in the north end. after the raves on this board, the entire house staff seemed to treat me as if i had come in with shit on my shoe and was there to make their life miserable. never mind that one can spend 200usd without really trying. let the tourists have it , im going over to courthouse...

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    1. re: hyde

      Me too. Will never dine there again. Horrible treatment by the owner himself.

      1. re: StriperGuy

        Is that the arrogant obnoxious bartender?

        1. re: Guinness02122

          Dark hair, average height average build, and yes, sometimes tends bar.

    2. I can't think of any bum steers recently, but I don't rely on consensus, rather a handful of posters whom I've come to trust.

      1. Grill Zone was the ish, bring that place back (preferably with the unsustainably low prices)

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        1. re: Luther

          Still a fan of Aquitaine SE, I suggested someone do a brunch at AquDedham. A few weeks later I had brunch there and it was horrible. Thankfully, the posters event wasn't scheduled yet.

        2. Great thread. Takes guts to say when you're wrong. :) I sometimes think my own enthusiasm for the newest find can be a bit overboard in due time, but I cant' think of any places where I would retract my approval or over-rated it completely. I'm also pretty loyal to the places I like as well, perhaps too much to be completely objective. But no one really is.

          I'm pretty good at sniffing out recs that will disappoint me, thankfully. I guess I know myself and my tastes. All in all, good intel here, which is why we put up with the moderator abuse, lol.

          1. The original comment has been removed