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Jul 26, 2011 02:15 PM

Hosting a pig roast - need help

I'm interested in hosting a pig roast before the summer is up. I'm talking a whole pig on a grill. Does anybody know where I can rent a big grill [preferably with a lid to cut down on cooking time] or of any companies that will come on site and do it for me?

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  1. when i saw the title, i thought that the "help" you needed was with the eating, not the organizing, and I got all excited.

      1. re: phunkykim

        thanks @phunkykim - I'll make some phone calls

      2. You need a smoker or a rotissere not a grill.

        1. If you're in the ctiy of New York I imagine a burning fire and the smoke might be an issue. You may want to look into a La Caja China box. Not sure if anyone will rent you one, you would have to buy or, do like I did, make your own. This method produces the least smoke, no big fire and will cook a 50 pound pig in 4-6 hours.


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            @JuniorBalloon How did you make your own?

            1. re: NYC_LMK

              The most difficult part is making a metal lid for the coals. Knowing soeone with welding skills is a plus. The rest is just stacked cinder blocks. Here are some pics.




              As you can see the inside is lined with heavy duty foil to seal leaks. Someday I plan to cement it in place and put some heat resistant plaster on the inside. Total cost was a little over $100, plus my labor.


            2. re: JuniorBalloon

              I second the chinese box--we ordered a caja china online about 6 years ago and have been having an annual pig roast ever since; it makes the best roast pig . hands down. foolproof, too.