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Jul 26, 2011 01:54 PM

Got Heirloom Tomatoes in Metro Detroit?

Interested in a road trip to Northern Oakland County? August 27 and 28th is the 3rd Annual Heirloom Tomato Festival at Miller's Big Red in Romeo. We enjoyed the BEST tomato bisque we ever tasted last year and they cook up and have on display for purchase a rainbow of tomatoes which, I bet, you have never seen. This isn't anything fancy - just a lot of "off the vine" goodness, tour of tomato fields and some live jazz.

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  1. Sounds unique and perfect for folks who don't farm Heirlooms. Thanks for the tip, O.G.

    Me? I'm watching seven plants push, push, push along in the backyard. Two of these plants raised from seeds from a plant at least 100 years old! (Gifts from a neighbor).

    Oh the taste. Oh, the canker sores.

    1. Thanks for the tip. They have a stand at the Rochester Farmers Market and I buy from them there. I noticed a flier last year about the heirloom festival...maybe this year I'll head up that way.