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Mar 18, 2006 09:14 PM

attari sandwich shop

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had a GREAT kuku sandwich for lunch today at the attari sandwich shop


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  1. this place is a nice little gem, next time try the chicken cutlet great and if you need some extra spicey-ness doctor it with some sirarchica gladly placed on most of the tables.

    the persian version of bay cities if you will or rinaldi's. and lon fridays they got a special lamb stew, haven't tried it yet, but heard it's quite good.

    1. try the "awsh" next time...its a wonderful soup...practically a meal in itself w/beans, greens and some noodles...I can't even describe it..its wonderful!

      try the kotlet sandwich too next time.

      1. whats that paste called. its a daily special. its served with mints and looks kind of like a glop of refried beans...

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          that's the lamb, i think called ab goosht.

          just on fridays, though, if im'm correct.

        2. The ash (sp?) is probably the most life-giving, complex, and satisfying thing that can be put in a bowl. I'm there weekly-- as a westwood office worker-- to eat the soup in the patio. The older woman at the counter thinks its funny when you try to pronounce the soup's name.

          As for the sandwiches, I've tried the different varieties and I can't seem to get into the flavor. But then again, maybe you have to be raised on kuku.

          Also try the dolmas in the glass deli case.

          1. Yes, I read the La Weekly review about this place and decided to check it out.
            Today was my first time at Attari, and I was less than impressed. I ordered three sandwiches: the greens and potato kuku , and the beef kotlet.

            All three sandwiches were lacking in flavor-- not horrible, but just whatever. The bread
            wasn't great, either. If I ever go there again, I'll definitely stay away from the sandwiches (even though the kuku sandwich was recommended in the LA Weekly review).

            Maybe the quality of the food has changed since the last posts?

            I came to Attari with great expectations, but was sadly disappointed.

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            1. re: bolonpinpon

              fwiw, the last time i was there i had their soup (fantastic) and their shirazi salad (which, as much as i like the shirazi salad at shamshiri grill, this was better).

              it should be noted, though, that the prices here are higher than those at shamshiri.