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Greek Yogurt - are you sure?

I've been a long time fan on Fage greek yogurt, and recently Stonyfield Organic Oikos greek yogurt. So at first, I was excited to see that greek yogurt was so popular, and that all the major brands were offering their version of greek yogurt. Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani are a few in my supermarket. So I'm curious if anyone else has tried them and been as disappointed as me? I can't believe they can even call this greek yogurt? I'm not ready to start making my own, so in the meantime, I'm sticking with my long time faves.

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  1. Totally agree. Haven't found any other brand that comes up to Fage. The biggies, i.e., Dannon, etc., were just awful.

    1. I like Fage and so far it is the only one I like. I've tried others once when they are on sale, if you look at the nutritional content it's just not the same. Saw one on sale at Publix the other day that was a joke.

      1. Cooks Illustrated reviewed them. Olympus, Dannon, Fage, Brown Cow, did well. Yoplait at the bottom. Not surprisingly, the better ones are thick because they are strained. Yoplait adds gelatin and chemicals to thicken.

        1. I find nothing wrong with Chobani. I eat the 0% plain and find it nice and thick. It actually has more protein than Fage - a sign of it being equally or even more concentrated (strained).

          Here are some reviews:

          NY Times article on Chobani:

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            Yep. My daughter and I did a taste test on Chobani and Fage. I think Chobani is just as good; she thought they were about equal, but since I am paying, we usually get Chobani.

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              I'm in there with Chobani plain also...love the Fage but when it's close to paycheck and I need to scrimp, the nod goes to Chobani...really quite nice...READ your labels people! If you see a ton of sugar in there say NOPE!

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              Wife and I did a blind taste test and like Fage better due to texture. Taste will vary. Both had good flavor.

            3. I agree that Fage is the best commercial brand. My second choice is Chobani. I find most of the other brands too sour. The worst I've had is Greek Gods yogurt--inedible.

              I also make my own, not from scratch with milk, but by putting regular yogurt into a sieve and letting the whey drip through overnight. I have special yogurt strainers, but you can just as easily line a regular strainer with several layers of cheesecloth. Sometimes I'll let the yogurt strain longer, until all of the whey is gone and I have thick "yogurt cheese" (labneh), which I use as a breakfast spread.

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                Isn't this funny? I just tried Greek Gods today and thought it was wonderful! I've been buying an organic brand, but my dh picked this one up for me. (He said "they didn't have any organic brands!" uh-huh, lol.) Of course, I tried the full fat version and I've only ever tried Fage's low/no fat versions before I converted to organic...so not a fair comparision. My least favorite so far is Chobani...but I haven't tried the more mainstream names...

                I guess, as with most things, it helps to try a wide variety as individual mileage may vary. :-)

                1. re: ModernDayPlateSpinnr

                  I really like the Greek Gods, too. Fage is another favorite. I buy whichever one the store I am at carries. Greek Gods when I get to a Kroger store and Fage from Walmart....when they actually have it in stock. I guess it's popular around here which is funny because there aren't many Greek yogurts available at other stores in my area. I will buy Oikos, too.

              2. I don't like the 0% fat of any of these yogurts, not even Fage. I do like the 2% Fage. The problem is, most stores only carry 0% fat yogurts. I've never seen full fat Chobani, Dannon or Yoplait in a conventional grocery store.

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                1. re: chowser

                  I think the full fat of any brand is much closer to what I've had in Greece than the 0%. One of the Whole Foods near me carries Stonyfield Farm and Brown Cow in full fat. If you want that super creamy thickness, though, you have to continue to drain them, the way cheesemaestro suggests.


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                      Some of the Chobani varieties are 2%, but most are 0% (which is fine by me).

                    2. I also like Chobani quite a lot and have noticed the higher protein content. They make it in a raspberry, which is a flavor much more to my liking than some of the usual ones.

                      I am not ready to try making my own greek yogurt, but I am experimenting with adding my own fruit flavors to see if I can buy Fage in a larger plain carton and save $$. I am also trying the TJ's greek yogurt as a side by side comparison. I think I read someone on CH say it was good...can't remember for sure.

                      Dannon and Yoplait are huge disappointments and I don't waste my $$ anymore on those. I also have been trying other random brands that I find but haven't been good about keeping track of what I like and don't like.

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                        Major thumbs down for Dannon and Yoplait for me as well. Dannon reminded me of what I imagine wallpaper paste tastes like without being as useful.

                        Three words ... Lucerne Greek yogurt.

                        Yep, really ... Lucerne

                        It is the absolute best yogurt I've hd in a long, long time.

                        That being said, though it says it is Greek, it is not. What it reminds me of is Yoplait when it first came out decades ago. However, Lucerne is thicker, creamier and more luxurious. They use real sugar and not HFCS so it is not overly sweet. It does have sum other stuff added such as guar gum, citric acid, etc. Still,I'm not caring because I like it so much.

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                          and this is so sad...Dannon was the first yogurt I ever tried back in 4th grade..ummm...years ago...it was TANGY.SWEET.CREAMY.DELICIOUS and one of the first *startling* foods I ever ate (food was not really appreciated in our home growing up)...I tried it at a friend's house after school and was *totally* hooked! I can't prove it but I swear Dannon used much better ingredients back in the 60's than they do now---I hate it when that happens!

                          1. re: Val

                            In the 60's they weren't using HFCS. Ditto on Yoplait. There were lots less fillers and preservatives. I just spent a year in Guatemala where they only use sugar and not HFCS. There are fewer other things added. It was like Dannon and Yoplait tasted like when they first appeared in the US. It is totally different and better than what is sold in the US. The only problem with Guatemalans is they like their sugar and even though the yogurt is labeled 'plain' most add sugar.

                            That being said, it wasnt the regular Dannon I was eating recently in the US, it was the Greek version and plain ... no sugar. It was just unpleasant. Greek yogurt is thick, but Dannon was almost solid.

                            1. re: rworange

                              And I totally agree...what a WASTE for Dannon...which used to be so good-tasting...ugh. they could have been a star but instead sold out to using crappy ingredients and fillers...so sad.

                          2. re: rworange

                            Thanks for the tip about Lucerne. I am going to give it a try. I have found that some of the Lucerne dairy products are really great. I am a buttermilk lover and Lucerne is the best supermarket brand, IMO.

                            1. re: jlhinwa

                              Isn't Lucerne the store-brand of Von's?

                              1. re: pine time

                                Lucerne is the store-brand of Safeway.

                                1. re: Tripeler

                                  Von's is owned by Safeway, so it is both.

                        2. I prefer Voskos brand, but not many stores carry it. I find it creamier than other brands.

                          1. I like to strain my own because I like some tang. My favorite yogurt is Side Hill Farm yogurt made in Ashfield MA.

                            1. Yoplait Greek yogurt is definitely not real. I know. I bought it and then read the ingredients. Greek yogurt is known for its thicker texture and high protein content. Guess what Yoplait did? Add milk powder to increase protein content and add gelatin to thicken the texture. Wo-oh!

                              1. Sounds like a lot of you liked Chobani, so I'll give it another shot. Maybe it was the flavored versions I tried, so I've got some plain non fat in the fridge. I wanted to try the 2%, but they didn't have that. Cooks Illustrated rated the non fat pretty poorly for texture, but scored the 2% as a "recommended". I also have some Fage 2%, and Oikos non-fat to maybe do a little comparison. Probably not a fair test because of the varying fat content. The thing I have been most critical about is the texture of some of the new products, and I can see from reading that many of the inexpensive greek yogurt knock-offs are cheap for a reason based on how they are made. Subltle differences in the production of yogurt by different manufacturers will give each of the good ones a slightly different taste as well. Some people may like it, while others hate it. There's really not one brand out there that will make everyone happy no matter how thick and creamy it is, which was what I was originally looking for. I guess I'm going to just stick with what I like, and avoid some of those other brands no matter how many coupons they pass out and how much I could save over my favorite brands. Thanks everyone for thier thoughts.

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                                1. re: egbluesuede

                                  Trader Joe's house brand is fine, but they also cary Fage in full, 0%, and 2%, and the price for the 16 and 32oz. container is between $1 and $1.50 cheaper than any grocery store in the area. Good ol' TJ's I don't know how they do it, but a great buy there! I can't eat anything but greek-style yogurt now, I am spoiled for it. Fage is my fav...

                                  1. re: gingershelley

                                    Costco also has great prices on Fage.

                                  2. re: egbluesuede

                                    OK....so I tried the non-fat plain Chobani today as others have recommended, and I would have to agree. It's got a good a good creamy texture like I wanted. Not as tangy as Fage perhaps, but not too bad. I'll probably buy this again, and will look for a 2% or 4% version to try as well.

                                  3. Trader Joe's own brand (plain, I'm talking about) is very good, and much less expensive than Fage, which is still the gold standard as far as I'm concerned.

                                    1. I like Fage the best. I buy it at Costco. 32oz for about $5.

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                                      1. re: suburban_mom

                                        Costco is now selling its own label Kirkland Greek Yogurt, 2 32 oz. tubs for 6.49 and it is very, very close to Fage in taste, texture, sour as Fage.

                                        1. re: HillJ

                                          Could be made by Fage for Costco

                                          1. re: scubadoo97

                                            Check the plant code on both containers. If it is 36-0129 they come from Fage.

                                            You can check out http://whereismymilkfrom.com/allDairi... to find out who made your yogurt.

                                          2. re: HillJ

                                            Thanks for that, will put it on my buy list for Costco.

                                        2. Here in the European Union, "Greek yoghurt" is Greek. If it isn't then it's usually sold as "Greek style". Works for me.

                                          1. If you ever get to New England, you gotta try this:

                                            Homemade sheep/goat yogurt from a Greek deli. High in calories (it's a long thread over months and leads to a Chowhound actually paying a lab to get a detailed nutritional analysis) but still an incredible product.

                                            I usually make my own non-fat version every 2 weeks, but every so often make the pilgrimage to get some from Sophia's and use it as my starter. I brought the rest of the Sophia's container to work this week, and when a coworker brought some home, her adult son freaked out about how good it was. He said he would absolutely make the 3-hour round-trip today to lay in his own supply.

                                            When I can't make the trip I do use Fage/Oikos/Chobani as my starter. OK but several steps below the nectar that is Sophia's.

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                                            1. re: Kunegunde

                                              I second this post. I found Sophia's about 3 months ago and have been hooked ever since. I have tried to eat store bought Fage since then and it it just not the same. I will keep making the pilgrimage. It is only about 14 miles from my home, so it's worth it.

                                            2. My local supermarket just started carrying Olympus. Unlike most of the other brands sold in the US, this one is actually made in Greece. I bought a container of the 1% peach yogurt. I should have read the list of ingredients first. It had fructose, which made it unnaturally (and, to my taste buds, unpleasantly) sweet, plus starch and carrot concentrate, probably to give color to the peach bits. A real let down. I'll stick with Fage, Chobani and making my own.

                                              1. I tried a brand of "Greek" yogurt carried by Hannaford's, and it is absolutely FOUL-tasting. I ended up throwing it out. Nothing compares to Fage, IMO.

                                                OK - just checked their store site - it's the Cabot Greek Yogurt. I like their cheese; the "Greek" yogurt was horrible.

                                                1. My favorite brand is Fage. i wouldn't even bother buying Danon or Yoplait "Greek".
                                                  I did however buy Costco's Kirkland brand and am working my way through the two-pack.
                                                  I'm going back to Fage next Costco visit.

                                                  1. Greek Gods fan here. Was not really a yogurt fan until I discovered them a year ago and have eaten it almost every morning since.

                                                    1. I buy the Liberté brand in Canada, since Fage doesn't exist here. It's great and widely available. When I'm at Loblaws, though, I buy the President's Choice version, which is just as good and a buck cheaper.

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                                                      1. re: piccola

                                                        +1 on the Liberté (sooooo creamy)— and I've really got to give the PC one a try from what I hear.

                                                        1. re: Jasz

                                                          It's really good - a little less tangy that the Liberté, but I don't mind.

                                                        2. re: piccola

                                                          I've read raves for Liberté on Chowhound, and I recently noticed that my local market is carrying the small cups of fruit-flavored, full-fat Liberté (not Greek-style, but original). I decided to try it, and had the plum and fig flavor. It was, as the label promised, very rich and creamy, and I liked that the fruit wasn't overly sweetened. Much too caloric for regular consumption (about the same as a scopp of premium ice cream in that wee cup), but very nice. Back to 0% Fage!

                                                          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                                                            Liberté also makes a fat-free Greek yogurt, plain or flavoured. It's no more caloric than Fage, if that's what you're looking for.

                                                        3. Put me in the Chobani camp. 6 oz per container vs 5.3 for Fage. Lower price. Fruit on the bottom, not in a gimmicky two-part container. Oh, yeah...i like the flavor, even the 0%.