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Jul 26, 2011 12:51 PM

Greek Yogurt - are you sure?

I've been a long time fan on Fage greek yogurt, and recently Stonyfield Organic Oikos greek yogurt. So at first, I was excited to see that greek yogurt was so popular, and that all the major brands were offering their version of greek yogurt. Dannon, Yoplait, Chobani are a few in my supermarket. So I'm curious if anyone else has tried them and been as disappointed as me? I can't believe they can even call this greek yogurt? I'm not ready to start making my own, so in the meantime, I'm sticking with my long time faves.

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  1. Totally agree. Haven't found any other brand that comes up to Fage. The biggies, i.e., Dannon, etc., were just awful.

    1. I like Fage and so far it is the only one I like. I've tried others once when they are on sale, if you look at the nutritional content it's just not the same. Saw one on sale at Publix the other day that was a joke.

      1. Cooks Illustrated reviewed them. Olympus, Dannon, Fage, Brown Cow, did well. Yoplait at the bottom. Not surprisingly, the better ones are thick because they are strained. Yoplait adds gelatin and chemicals to thicken.

        1. I find nothing wrong with Chobani. I eat the 0% plain and find it nice and thick. It actually has more protein than Fage - a sign of it being equally or even more concentrated (strained).

          Here are some reviews:

          NY Times article on Chobani:

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            Yep. My daughter and I did a taste test on Chobani and Fage. I think Chobani is just as good; she thought they were about equal, but since I am paying, we usually get Chobani.

            1. re: Isolda

              I'm in there with Chobani plain the Fage but when it's close to paycheck and I need to scrimp, the nod goes to Chobani...really quite nice...READ your labels people! If you see a ton of sugar in there say NOPE!

            2. re: applehome

              Wife and I did a blind taste test and like Fage better due to texture. Taste will vary. Both had good flavor.

            3. I agree that Fage is the best commercial brand. My second choice is Chobani. I find most of the other brands too sour. The worst I've had is Greek Gods yogurt--inedible.

              I also make my own, not from scratch with milk, but by putting regular yogurt into a sieve and letting the whey drip through overnight. I have special yogurt strainers, but you can just as easily line a regular strainer with several layers of cheesecloth. Sometimes I'll let the yogurt strain longer, until all of the whey is gone and I have thick "yogurt cheese" (labneh), which I use as a breakfast spread.

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              1. re: cheesemaestro

                Isn't this funny? I just tried Greek Gods today and thought it was wonderful! I've been buying an organic brand, but my dh picked this one up for me. (He said "they didn't have any organic brands!" uh-huh, lol.) Of course, I tried the full fat version and I've only ever tried Fage's low/no fat versions before I converted to not a fair comparision. My least favorite so far is Chobani...but I haven't tried the more mainstream names...

                I guess, as with most things, it helps to try a wide variety as individual mileage may vary. :-)

                1. re: ModernDayPlateSpinnr

                  I really like the Greek Gods, too. Fage is another favorite. I buy whichever one the store I am at carries. Greek Gods when I get to a Kroger store and Fage from Walmart....when they actually have it in stock. I guess it's popular around here which is funny because there aren't many Greek yogurts available at other stores in my area. I will buy Oikos, too.