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Jul 26, 2011 12:23 PM

Buying crawfish in Baltimore

Anyone know where to buy crawfish in Baltimore - or perhaps someone who will be willing to order them?

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  1. Not in Baltimore, but Frank's Seafood in Jessup has it listed in their frozen section.

    Frank's Seafood Market
    7901 Oceano Ave, B Jessup, MD

    1. I know Shoreline seafood in Gambrills/Crofton had them this spring. A quick drive down 97. I think they are out of season now. Unless they are farm raised. I could be wrong though.

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        Thanks for the replies. I did a bit more research and found that crawfish from the Gulf are now out of season - although there are some possibly available in the Pacific NW.

        I was hoping to have a big invertebrate steam party, but seems like I'll need to stick to crabs only.

        1. re: baltolaura

          When I was looking for them I had a similar thought in mind. Well the steam part. Wanted crabs, crawfish and raw oysters. When the crawfish and oysters were in season, the crabs hadn't come in yet. Now crabs are plentiful and the crawfish and oysters are out of season. I am thinking this Sept/Oct I should be able to do all three.

        2. re: cb1

          I think the season is November to May

        3. Have a crab feast during the summer then import crawfish from the gulf and purchase local oysters when in season and have the new Orleans styled feast in nov-dec! Only obvious solution

          1. You should give Henninger's a call to ask where they source theirs.


            1. I saw some a while back at the Whole Foods seafood counter in Mt. Washington- but the employees were so mean they made me want to cry.