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Jul 26, 2011 11:56 AM

Florence - so far.

I have done extensive research for my September trip to Italy (Plotkin, Downie, Minchilli, Parla, Chowhound, etc.) but I'm interested in CHounders' thoughts on my ideas so far. I'll do separate posts per city/region.

I only have three days/nights in Florence. I'm interested in coffee, gelato, fiaschetteria/panini/pizza bianco type places, and simple, hearty regional food. Here's what I've got:

Donnini or Gilli, Robiglio, Caffe Italiano

Wine, Snacks, Pastries, Gelato: Da Vinattieri, Procacci, San Lorenzo market, Fiaschetteria Zanobini, Cucciolo, Carabe, Carapina or Carrozza, Geletari Neri

Restaurants: I’Brindellone or Il Guscio, Cammillo, Da Sergio or Trattoria I Due G, Antica Mescita San Niccolo

What about best food shops for oil, truffles, etc.?

What else is missing or should be removed?

Mille grazie!

Il Guscio
via del'Orto 49, Florence, Tuscany 50124, IT

Via Ricasoli, 60, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan,2r, Florence, Toscana 50136, IT

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  1. I would add this one to your list best oil category

    1. Perche No? for Gelato

      Perche No
      Via dei Tavolini, 19r, Florence, Tuscany 50122, IT

      1. Hmm...not sure if I 'm supposed to chime in, since you already researched my list?
        But to answer specifically:
        Olive Oil: there is a great small store in Piazza del Limbo, La Bottega dell'Olio, that only sells olive related products.
        Also, Pegna has a wonderful selection of everything.
        Of your restaurants I endorse Trattoria Due G ,Sergio and Antica Mescita San Niccolo. I would also add Zeb, which is new and supposed to be fantastic. I also love Tripperia Il Magazzino, in Piazza della Passera.
        Snacks: A piece of foccaccia from Pugi.
        Pastries: You're missing Cosi, one of my favorites and where you can also sit down and have a coffee.

        La Bottega
        loc. Volpaia,piazza della Torre,1, Radda in Chianti, Tuscany , IT

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          Thanks everyone! Elizabeth, I appreciate your chiming in!

          1. re: ziamirtillo

            For food shopping of any kind I would check out the old market. I forget exactly where it is but it is in walking distance of the Duomo. We bought cheeses and meats there daily as snacks, I bought oils and truffle salt as gifts to bring home. Please note, it is not open every day and it closes early.

            1. re: roux42

              Oops sorry! The market of course seems so obvious I forget about it!
              It's located near the church of San Lorenzo. There are many stands inside, but two you should definitely stop by for stocking up are: Baronii (great cheeses etc.) and Conti (oils, etc)

        2. Where else will you visit in Italy?