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Jul 26, 2011 11:30 AM

Viable alternatives to Lemon Hart and Cherry Heering

I've been hunting Lemon Hart (80 or overproof) and Cherry Heering here in the Charlotte, NC area for a while, and it doesn't appear to live in this region. What are reasonable substitute demarara rums that might be easier to come by?

In addition, Cherry Heering has been out in all the local stores. They've told me it's a problem with the distributor. Any folks in other regions heard the same?

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  1. It would be a long shot, but Finger Lakes Distilling in New York State makes cherry liqueur that is dryer and fresher-tasting than Cheery Heering, but would make an OK substitute. Adjust the sugar and realize that it won't have the oxidized / complex flavor of Cherry Heering.

    Probably not avilable in your area, though.

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      Many thanks, and no it's not. Found out today that the distributor in NJ that supplies Heering to the Carolinas did not reup the contract with Heering and we've lost out on about 20 products. And blue laws don't permit mail order of spirits here. Alas for my liver.

      1. re: Nocturnalbill

        There are quite a few online retailers that will ship here - I have ordered from 2 so far and have two more lined up when i am ready.

        Email me at yahoo (this name) if you are interested.

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            Glad to be of assistance - find anything interesting? ;-)

            1. re: ncyankee101

              I believe that you know the answer is too damn much. lol. ;)

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                Yes I know what you mean - I don't know if the California site has fixed it yet but one time I started filling my cart with anything that looked interesting or had a great price, with the idea of paring it down when I was done - but after about an hour and $300 or so, the cart would empty itself - and I was nowhere near done browsing all their inventory.

    2. Not a perfect substitute, but El Dorado 5 Year is a decent match for price point and style. El Dorado Overproof is not the same as LH151 though; ED151 is not very aged and lacks any of the richness.

      While there are no substitutes for the spice and barrel aging in the Heering, Rothman & Winter's Orchard Cherry (distributed by Haus Alpenz) is the most widely available one. I have no doubt that the Finger Lakes product is great, but we live in Massachusetts one state over, and we cannot get their products. While you cannot get booze shipped to you by companies, personal shipments through an out of state friend (though frowned upon) will have a great chance of getting through.

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        I second the suggestion for El Dorado 5 in place of Lemon Hart. I think ED has an edge on flavor, but LH is very enjoyable although hard to find at times.