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Jul 26, 2011 10:17 AM

Today-Dog Beach, Huntington Beach

Hi Fellow Hounds, I realize this is very last minute but...anything good in the immediate vicinity for an early dinner that is casual and dog friendly? We like all cuisines:)

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  1. Most of the lower level restaurants up and down Main (across from the Pier) with patio seating are fairly dog friendly.

    I personally like Sushi On Fire:

    and Sugar Shack:

    But there are several different kinds of cuisines represented there, it is a very dog friendly promenade, and you might just want to take the pooch for a walk and see what strikes your fancy.

    Here's a complete list of restos:

    Hope you have a blast. :


    Sushi On Fire
    301 Main St Ste 103, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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      This is a first time venture for me and I do not know the area. Thanks so much especially for the quick response as I am leaving in 1/2 hour!

    2. Tuesday evenings is Surf City Nights. Its a street fair with a few food stands that set up. Downtown Main Street is closed off to autos. Lots of people bring their dogs downtown.

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          Oh, that's right! Starts at 5, I think...

        2. I like Jan's Healthbar on Main's a little ways down and next to a vegetarian cafe. The sandwiches and soups are amazing...try the black bean soup or broccoli cheddar with a tuna/avocado sandwich. There are tables outside, so it's perfect for your pup.

          1. Initially, we had trouble finding the dog beach. Blew right past it but we saw all the happening stuff. We spent the entire day at the beach. Once everyone got back into the car, we were too tired and dirty to think about making another stop to eat before going home. I'm saving this thread for next time. Thanks again!!!

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              Nice of you to report back, Fru. Glad you had fun at Dog Beach! :)

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                I love Zimzala Restaurant in the Strand at the Shorebreak Hotel (an amazing dog friendly hotel). From what we learned during our stay most places don't allow you to even tie your dog up on the outside of the patio...but Zimzala lets you sit on the 2nd floor patio with them..THEY EVEN HAVE A MENU FOR YOUR DOG!!.and even have one of those big fake grass potty mat's. If you go from 3-7 daily they have a happy hour with 4$well drinks and SWEET POTATO TATOR TOTS for 3$!!!! Among many other great snacks for a great price....This is the place to go next time!