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Jul 26, 2011 08:42 AM

Staying in the baltimore Inner harbor one night with 2 kids...any dinner ideas?

I heard we are walking distance from little italy. We just have the one night...any recomendations? i have an 8 and 4 yr old who are good at restaurants....thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Cafe Gia, corner of High and Eastern. Easy walk from the aquarium via the pedestrian footbridges. Just be careful crossing President Street.

    Cafe Gia
    410 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

    1. My boys (now 6 and 8) have loved La Scala for a few years now. The food is consistently great for Little Italy. And when they are done their meal, they love going down to the Bocce court to "play." Afterwards, walk down the street to Vacarro's for delicious dessert!

      Alternatively, it could be fun for you all to take the water taxi to Fell's Point. If you'd consider a very expensive, yet excellent place, check out the Black Olive. The seafood is always stellar, and your boys would get a kick out of getting a "tour" of the fresh fish of the evening (your server walks you over to see the display of the evening's fish choices). Then, for dessert, walk over to Pitango Gelato for a real treat!

      Enjoy your trip and let us know if you want cheaper alternatives or other types of cuisine!

      La Scala
      1012 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202

      Pitango Gelato
      802 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD

      Black Olive
      814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

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      1. You are also walking distance from Harbor East. I'm a fan of both Roy's and Oceanaire. Although both are chains, both are also good. If you search the board, you can find lots on Harbor East. There are other highly recommended restaurants there.

        In Little Italy, Amicci's is standard, Americanized Italian food. They are quite reasonable and have a kids menu if that's something you need.

        Also, don't know if you'll need breakfast or lunch, but Miss Shirley's on Pratt Street is a good choice.

        231 S High St, Baltimore, MD 21202

        Miss Shirley's
        750 E Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21202

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          If you were going to spend the money for Roy's or Oceanaire, you could eat even better at Cinghiale, a handsome Italian restaurant with terrific food which adjoins the water in Harbor East.

          822 Lancaster Street, Baltimore, MD 21202