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Jul 26, 2011 08:23 AM

Just signed up in London

Hey everyone,

I'm in London and am always on the lookout for any hidden gems here in the city. Anyone want to spam me with their favourite places serving ethnic food? Fine dining doesn't really interest me but I'd love to hear where to get the best Thai beef with basil or tamales or kofta or anything delicious :)

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  1. Green Tea for dim sum + Chinese. Heard good things about Macau for dim sum but haven't been yet. Anyone familiar with any of the Ethiopian restaurants in town?

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      My husband and I went to Enat on Horton pretty much constantly a number of years ago but I haven't been in some time and am not sure if it's still as good as it was. We did go to Addis Ababa a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. We got the combination platter for 2 and it had a little bit of just about everything. The injera was lovely too and the prices are great!

      I haven't tried Green Tea before. We tend to go to Dragon Court for dim sum because it's close and cheap but Hong Ping has wonderful dim sum, all house made I believe.

    2. Massey's has a good Indian buffet. Most of the other Indian restaurants in London are really terrible.

      Ben Than has a large selection of pan Asian stuff bit I always get the pho there. I'm not really a pho connoisseur but I like it there!

      1. Check out this very comprehensive thread for London:

        London's Thai food is weak, but I enjoy the Vietnamese food in London- there are at least half a dozen places that serve good, economical pho & bun. I prefer the Vietnamese restaurants located on Huron St near Highbury (Dem Hai Dang, Que Huong and Thuan Qieu) , the Viet Nam on Dundas East and Quynh Nhi near Wharncliffe and Riverside. Also like Tamarine on Dundas St near Kingsmill's for interesting/contemporary non-pho/non-bun Vietnamese .

        I also like Massey's, but always order dinner and take-out a la carte, and have never tried the buffet. I like their Tandoori Mahi Tikka. Raja is another Indian option downtown, and they serve some dishes Massey's doesn't offer. Haven't been to Raja for a while, but I like their starters. Also like take-out from the Jewel of India. There's some interesting Indian snacks (samosas, as well as several other Indian pastries that are less common, at least in London, ON) at the Indian place in the Cherryhill Village Mall food court, located on Oxford St W.

        Cherryhill Village Mall also has a King of the Pigs (Rei dos Leitos ), serving good Portuguese chicken and ribs for take-out or dine-in, but the hours are more limited than the Hamilton Rd location. Imperio dos Frangos (take-out only) and the original Rei do Leitos (take-out and dine-in) on Hamilton Rd also serve good Churrasco chicken.

        Have heard good things about the Chinese BBQ place on Huron St, but haven't tried it yet.

        Here are my current London recs:

        Raja Fine Indian Cuisine
        10 George St W, Stratford, ON N5A1A5, CA

        Rei DOS Leitoes
        706 Hamilton Rd, London, ON N5Z1T6, CA

        Dem Hai Dang
        1249 Huron St, London, ON N5Y4L6, CA

        Quynh Nhi
        55 Wharncliffe Rd N, London, ON N6H2A4, CA

        Imperio DOS Frangos
        741 Hamilton Rd, London, ON N5Z1T8, CA

        Jewel of India Restaurant
        390 Richmond St, London, ON N6A3C7, CA

        Massey's Fine Indian Cuisine
        174 King St, London, ON N6A1C6, CA

        Que Huong Vietnamese Restaurant
        1295 Highbury Ave N, London, ON N5Y5L3, CA

        Thuan Kieu Restaurant
        1472 Huron St, London, ON N5V2E5, CA

        Viet Nam Restaurant
        1074 Dundas St, London, ON N5W3A6, CA

        Tamarine Restaurant
        118 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1G1, CA