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Jul 26, 2011 08:21 AM

ideas please for sack lunches that are...

not sandwiches. Pasta salads maybe. I need ideas. My son doesn't like sandwiches and he does not have access to a microwave so it has to be something he can eat cold or room temp. Thanks.

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  1. Of course Pasta is always good..
    how about wraps, fried chicken, calzones, orange chicken (microwave in the morning so that it is not freezing when you eat it later in the day)
    How old is your son?

    1. how about a good thermos?
      they can keep foods hot for a long time...
      such as a soup or stew...or any hot dish that can fit in one?

      or cold dishes also....

      1. my daughter is 12 and we have the same issue... we pack all the time because school food stinks!
        some ideas we do:
        tortellini "kebabs" toss cooked tortellini with olive oil and basil, skewer with grape tomatoes and little mozzarella balls
        Melon and Proscuitto (expensive, you can do ham too)
        Veggies and hummus
        savory muffins (ham & swiss, cheddar and smoked turkey)
        Pizza pockets-stromboli's - store bought bread dough (or myo) fill with meat/veggie/cheese combo of your choice, bake and serve at room temp
        Chicken salad
        tuna/pasta salad
        Freeze a juice box or pouch and use that to keep things cool (or if he's a 'big guy' you can buy one of those reusable freezer packs) they're so helpful

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        1. re: cgarner

          my son is 5.
          Where can I get a good thermos to keep food warm? He would love that.

          1. re: lilmomma

            Try the camping section of Wal-Mart. there's an excellent stainless steel one there, that's cheaper than the ones in the section that has all the thermoses and stuff, and it's not too big, which is perfect for a 5 year old

            1. re: lilmomma

              sports authority..
              camping/back to school section of walmart/target/kmart.......
              the container store even probably has something...

              my wife uses a built ny bag (they are neoprene..fold easy and wash easy)
              and an insulated container for her lunches...

              theres lots more options than your standard lunchbox nowadays...

              1. re: lilmomma

                I have a soup-bowl kind of thing (it even has a spoon hidden in the lid) for my kids' lunches--I got it online, from (I think) Aladdin. Microwave it for a minute with the lid off and it's still warm at lunchtime. I pack mac cheese, other pastas, rice and beans, whatever.

                1. re: lilmomma

                  Target also has thermoses and lunch boxes. LL Bean has some cute kid-friendly lunch boxes too.

              2. I have a "lunch center" set up in my fridge for cold stuff and little containers of other stuff in a cabinet for easy to pack lunches. There are so many things that are made for single serve use now it makes things alot easier. A few examples are:

                Celery with either the individual Jif peanut butters or the individual sized Philly cream cheese.

                From Safeway in their produce section they have a selection of about 10 different types of salad that come with dressing and a fork. The ingredients to the salad are in different compartments in the bowl. There's chicken ceaser salad, spinich dijon salad, cobb, southwestern, chef etc... (you get the picture). They are all under 300 calories and for the convenience factor (packaging, just grab and go and no dishes to do afterwards or remember to bring home) it's worth it.

                I also buy the large bags of snow peas, snap peas and carrots and use those little snack size ziplock bags and repackage everything when I get home from the store.

                I also buy the Bumble Bee tuna kits (mayo and relish already mixed in) comes with crackers.

                The other things I pack are the baby bell cheeses or the other cheeses (the soft ones that are packaged in a circular pack and contain little foil triangles - they have about 5 different flavors). As with the veggies, I open up a pack of crackers and make little baggies of crackers - again - grab and go.

                1. cheese meat and crackers with fruit and veggies would be a great idea. milk is a great well balanced drink if it can remain cold. peanut butter and apples with cheddar cheese is a nice combo. chicken kabobs with veggies and rice? Do kids eat things like that?