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Jul 26, 2011 08:04 AM

Osaka (Golden Valley)

I went there last week to try their sushi. I did not have high hopes going in. I figuired, chain in a location that has been cursed, not very good odds. We sat at the Sushi bar (did not try the Hibachi).

We ordered a bunch of their specialty rolls. I was pleasantly surprised. The prices were really reasonable and the sushi was a level up from what they are serviing at Benihana.

850 Louisiana Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55426

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  1. I agree with you, if you set your expectation very low, these chain hibachi places can occasionally exceed them.

    1. This has indeed been a cursed location. I went for their happy hour specials. Several $5 sushi options. Had 3 excellent rolls: spiced eel, shrimp tempura sushi roll and the Naked Girl Roll (larger portion, more expensive but still discounted). The last has some lobster and was a larger serving and was my favorite. Very pleased to have this as an option close by, especially when JJ's (next door) parking lot is full.