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Jul 22, 2011 07:50 PM

Sweet D's Shrimp Shack by Deception Pass bridge [moved from Old Edison Inn thread]

Okay, lets both post our reviews in the next few weeks. I will be there on August 5th and I will hope for the best.

Speaking of cocktail sauce: have you ever eaten at Sweet D's shrimp Shack by Deception Pass bridge? Amazing cocktail sauce...goes with the amazing shrimp and prawns cooked up intact and bright red for feasting..... eat outside, picnic tables and crushed oyster shells for the "floor" outside, porta potty's...yeah, a real class act but the BEST!

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  1. Hi, sedimental:

    I'm not sure about if I've been at Sweet D's. Is it on Whidbey or is it before the bridge? There is a shrimp place in a little spot called Sharp's Corner between Lakes Campbell and Pass (before the bridge) that has been peddling shrimp at least since the mid 1960s. There used to be a meatmarket next door where I helped my dad deliver quarters of beef and boned. Could this be the place?

    On your rec, I will try the sauce if I can find Sweet D's. What distinguishes it?

    Shrimping and crab are good right now. Had both for dinner tonight.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I bet that's it, Check it out here: ...and their site:
      You can't miss it" - it looks like snow on the ground all around it due to the "lawn" of crushed oyster shells- bright white in the sun! It is next to Harolds (?) market.

      I always stop and get the shrimp and cocktail sauce. I can't vouch for the elk burgers or alligator Poor Boys or deep fried stuff. I love me a big paper bag full of wild Shrimp! I take a cooler with me, eat some outside (no indoor area) and take the rest for a sunset dinner outside by some water.

      1. re: sedimental

        Sedimental--do they have the shrimp and cocktail sauce as a seasonal special? I looked at the menu and all the seafood on that is fried. But if they are cooking local shrimp some other way I need to get there.

        1. re: christy319

          They always have fresh cooked shrimp (big and small) in big yellow tubs on ice in season- every time Ihave been there for the past 10 years. They weigh it out per pound (head still on) and put it in a paper bag. The shrimp are right at the walk up window. I would call them the day you want to go get some, just to be sure they are there *that* day as they are fresh.

          I guess lots of people go there for fried food, but that has never been something I got there.

        2. re: sedimental

          Hi, sedimental:

          Yes, that's the place. In the 60s, the butcher at the market there always hoisted me up, sat me on the glass counter, and gave me a frank to gnaw on while Dad was hoisting quarters into the cooler. I'll stop, but I don't go that way a lot.

          Right now there's a lot of good local shrimp and prawns along Hwy. 20--Black Rock by the refineries, Skagit's Best just before Burlington headed east. There's also a sporadic roadside stand on Chuckanut Drive at Midway that, when it's open, has really good fresh shrimp--they usually put out a sandwich board a few days before they open again. The salmon runs are predicted to be 40-year bests, so I guess it's a good year.

          Hope you're enjoying our two days of summer.


          1. re: kaleokahu

            There are many places to buy fresh shrimp around here. They are always real nice and FIRM at the Shrimp Shack. I like that-dependable! That place is on my way to somewhere else a few times a year ..and I do really like their cocktail sauce! For all I know it might be a bottled sauce LOL (just the ambiance of the shack makes it good?)...but I love it. Maybe this should be another thread? Maybe get them some business and alert others to not be intimidated by the porta potties and shells on the ground :)

            1. re: sedimental

              Hi, sedimental:

              Sure, that's a great idea for a new thread. Focus on the Sweet D's itself, or the aspect of "Don't Let the Appearance Fool You." I'm sure I ate at D's sometime long ago, but the latter aspect is very important. Thankfully, we now have food trucks going mainstream, so maybe it's starting to get better. Sort of the opposite of "No matter how you dress up Olive Garden, it's still Olive Garden."

              I'll get some when I'm next by Sweet D's. Thanks. And I hope I'm wrong about what we locals call The Big E.


      2. Okay! Went there Friday and had THE BEST HUGE PRAWNS AROUND!
        They were GIGANTIC, fresh and perfectly cooked. FIRM.The Cocktail sauce has fresh horseradish grated in it , I am sure. Yum. 10- 12 prawns to a pound, they were so big and delish!

        Go there.

        Edit: the guy in line at the grill window, said he has had the alligator po' boy and it was really good! I have never had it, but really want to order it sometime. I hope a CH does and will report back!