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Jul 26, 2011 06:47 AM

Very New

Hen and Hog really needs some tweeking-- It has only been open approximately 1 month.

Learning how to Hold Q to serve takes time and practice and It is still a very young resturant. I wont write it off without a second try in a few months. But here are my thoughts on our first visit.

Pulled Pork: Mushy and hidden behind alot of sauce. This seems to happens for 2 reasons: 1, needing to sit because its not turning over quickly enough. 2, poorly cooked.

Good pulled pork should be able to stand on its own, flavored with the wood and the rub not hidden in a thick sweet product. A customer should be able to have it straight up if desired-- we we're told that was not available.

Brisket: Flavorful but more akin to a pit beef sitting in au jus. Not a thick sliced texas brisket with beautiful smoke ring.

Corn: Mushy and oily... I did enjoy the flavor from the peppers in it and has potential if it had been fresh.

Mac and Cheese: Ok, Three out of 5 stars for me. overload of bread crumbs... Its like they scraped the bottom of the pan rather than getting a new one out. Nice flavor and not greasy or overly cheesey.

Slaw: Mushy! Cabbage was soggy... Flavor of the sauce was balanced between the mayo sugar and vinegar.

Beans: very very sweet.- too sweet for me.. again mushy...

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    1. I debated about whether to post about Hen & Hog because it is so new, but since you started the thread... Visited a week ago at lunchtime. When we walked in, we were told to seat ourselves anywhere. The place only had two other customers, so not difficult to find a table. It took the waitress 10 minutes before she came over to take our order. Puzzling because there were at least 9 people working there that day. I would have expected someone to come over sooner than that to greet/take drink order. Anyway, the food. As the OP stated, there's a learning curve here. We ordered a sampler of ribs, pulled pork, and fried chicken. Sides were mac & cheese, pineapple suffing, baked beans and fried pickles. The pulled pork was too sweet. The chicken too dry (probably from sitting under a heat lamp?). The ribs were bland, no smoke flavor at all, and had a thick layer on fat on them. Sigh... i really wanted to like this place, as I'm always on the lookout for good bbq, but it wasn't to be. On the way out to my car, i think i found the problem. Their smoker (the one that's in the front of the building) is small. Maybe they have a bigger, restaurant size one located somewhere else. But if not, this would explain alot.

      1. Sorry everyone, I didn't realize I had cut out the top of this post. H&H is Located in Quakertown on 309N where Primo's used to be.