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Jul 26, 2011 04:58 AM

Where can I buy really nice loose leaf tea?

I'm a big tea drinker and I'm starting to run out. All my tea is loose leaf, not in bags. Typically, I drink Mariage Freres teas from Paris (yeah, I know, I'm fancy-pants -- feel free to snicker because my wife already does). I could mail order tea from Paris, but even for me that feels entirely excessive. Does anyone have a good source for very nice, fresh loose leaf tea in NJ? I live in the Princeton area, but am willing to drive north or south if there's a good source for tea.

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  1. The Hong Kong Supermarket in on Rt. 18 is where I buy my stash to bring back to Maine. Asian teas.

    1. Holsome on Witherspoon Street in Princeton is the best place I have found in Central NJ. Dr. Shu is quite knowledgeable and has an impressive selection.

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        This place is right in my backyard and I did not realize it. Ooops. This place has a "new age" feel to it (I don't mean that negatively, mind you), and I am guessing they have a great selection of green and oolong teas. I am a nut for black teas -- early grey, english breakfast, assam, and various iterations of these. Is that something that they carry? Their website was partly under construction, so I couldn't see their tea selection.

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          Although oolong is what I am generally seeking (and drinking), I have bought some very fine Darjeeling teas as well, both 1st and 2nd flush. As to other black teas, I think I recall seeing them, but a call may be warranted. Given the proximity of the place to you and your interest in tea, I'd say you might enjoy stopping in the next time you're in town.

      2. McNulty's Tea & Coffee on Christopher in Manhattan has nice stuff (as well as coffee).

        I used to go there (more for coffee, though) all the time when I lived in northern NJ.

        1. Wegman's carries a nice selection. Whether or not it's top-of-the-line stuff I have no idea, but I've enjoyed what I've bought from them.

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            I will get teas from Wegman's when a trip out to Princeton is not practical. It's certainly a decent, albeit limited, selection - far and away the best of any supermarket. They, however, do not carry any of the finer estate leafs available from Holsome. The most obvious example would be that they carry only a single type of oolong. To be fair though, I have not found any other place in the State that carries teas at the level of some of the specialties that Dr. Shu does.

            Teavana has an interesting selection of loose teas, tea products, etc.
            Closest location to a Princeton zip code is the Bridgewater Commons.

            400 Commons Way Ste 256, Bridgewater, NJ 08807