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Huy Fong (rooster brand) sriracha in London?

Does anyone know where I can purchase the Huy Fong (rooster) brand of sriracha in London?

I used to buy it at Golden Gate on Shaftesbury, but their original location has closed and they no longer carry it at their new (considerably smaller) store.

I searched high and low throughout Chinatown yesterday and eventually bought a couple of bottles of the flying goose brand to tide me over, but I'd love to know where I can find my old standby. Somewhere within Zone 1 would be ideal, but I can travel further out if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Banh Mi Bay in Clerkenwell has them for around £4 a bottle. Though you could order online for less I would think.


    The Clerkenwell
    69-73 St. John Street, London EC1M 4AN, GB

    1. Looks like you can order it from Amazon.co.uk... more expensive by a £ or so than buying it as above.

      1. How different is it to the flying goose one?

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone – I was paying £3.85 for one of the large bottles previously, so Banh Mi Bay sounds like a good alternative (plus I've been meaning to go there for a while).

          Cathodetube: IMHO, I find the flying goose brand sweeter and more garlicky than Huy Fong's. Plus, the flying goose brand contains MSG.

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            Thanks. I have tried a few in the US and haven't liked a lot of the ones I tried here.

          2. Camden: Taste of Siam at 45 Camden High Street has an adjoining shop with Thai groceries. They have Huy Fong. Was overjoyed to find it. Flying Goose does not cut it!

            1. Cathodetube, to answer your question, there's a lot of sriracha sauces available, mostly from Thailand, but also China and Vietnam. I've tried many, and they all have a slightly different flavour profile. Some are sweeter, some are more vinegary, some more garlicky. I find that the Rooster brand (Huy Fong) just has a wonderful, robust chilli flavour. It's not just heat, but a really nice complexity and depth to the chilli.

              I read about Huy Fong in a food magazine a while back (Saveur?) and the story is that Huy Fong is actually made in the US (not Asia) by a Vietnamese immigrant who started a company in LA. They use peppers grown in California (red jalapenos), which are different from the peppers used in Asia, and so the sauce has quite a different flavour from its Asian cousins. The sauce is hugely popular in the US, and most people know it simply as "rooster sauce" because of the rooster on the label.

              1. I have just returned to the UK from Honduras where I first experienced the joys of Huy Fong (rooster) Sriracha. It seems that Huy Fong are not really sure where all the Hot sauce is being sold (see link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10...) I struggled to find it whilst in Honduras and managed to buy the last bottle available on Utila. Bush's supermarket couldn't tell me when they would be getting more in stock.
                Now back in the UK, after a quick search on the web it looks like the supermarket giants have now cottoned onto the amazing hot sauce. Selling it between £2 - £3 lets hope that they don't inflate the prices when it starts to become more well known in England. Please see the link below to order from your preferred supermarket. ENJOY!


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                  Yes, I've seen this being sold in lots of places now. It's on Amazon, too, I think.

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                    I'm amazed that this thread has been resurrected after two years!

                    Thanks very much for the suggestion, badgeruk, but we prefer the rooster brand over flying goose.

                    We eventually found a Thai supermarket in Wirral that stocks Huy Fong so now we order it through their website (raanthai.co.uk). It's £3.88 for a 740 ml bottle plus £6 for delivery. The minimum order is £30 so we order in bulk. I've placed a few orders now and delivery is fast (usually within 2-3 days) and the customer service has been quite good as well.

                  2. Does everyone keep their sauce in the refrigerator? I had some and left it out for quite a while and now don't know if it will have changed taste or not. Lots of English people don't put condiments in the fridge at all. I do draw the line at putting peanut butter in the fridge though. Jam, chutney and mustard yes, but haven't put Crystal hot sauce in nor Tabasco.

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                      Same here -- I never refrigerate hot sauce. I guess I assume that it's not a problem because we go through it so quickly and it probably contains a fair bit of sodium (not to say that other condiments don't). That, and we have a very small refrigerator. Hopefully yours is still ok!

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                        Yes, it's the small fridge part that is a problem. Do you put mustard in the fridge?

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                        Don't worry about refrigeration. We stored it on-board at room temperature (32°C) for over 2 months with no signs of any flavour change.

                      3. Just for kicks ... Have any of you tried Shark Brand from Thailand? I prefer it over Huy Fong (Rooster) as it uses Thai chiles instead of the red jalapenos that Huy Fong uses in LA. It's smoother without the bite that I notice with the Huy Fong...and it has that wonderful Thai chile flavor and packs a punch. I get mine through Importfoods.com.

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                          I've been wanting to give Shark a try ever since Andy Ricker touted it as his favorite. Thanks for the link.

                        2. Definitely go for the Huy Fong. The other stuff is fine in a pinch (ie, when you've got nothing else), but Huy Fong is best.

                          I've found it at a Vietnamese noodle place right next to Chinatown, on the main drag. I believe if you walk down Shaftsbury and then down Charing Cross into Chinatown, it's on the right side of the street. Not spectacular Pho. They have a fridge with drinks, and next to this, if I recall, they have bottles of Sriracha. It's overpriced, definitely, but get it anyhow. 2-3 bottles, you'll be glad you did.

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                            Hi there El Taco!

                            Bit of a long shot but can you recall more details on the location of the place you sourced the Huy Fong?

                            I work nearby and went for a wander today on the search for the elusive sauce but couldn't locate the place you are referring to.

                            Is it actually on Charing Cross road itself on the way toward Leicester Square tube or off on a side street?

                            Hope you can help buddy!

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                              If all else fails, you can order Huy Fong from Amazon. There's no delivery charge, I think, if you can wait 3 or 5 days for it to arrive.


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                                They've got it at one of those viet supermarkets on mare street if you live in east london

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                                  Thanks everyone for the replies.

                                  I managed to score some in Chinatown after a bit of a hunt. The shop is called New China Gate - just near Gerrard Place near the big car park. Well priced at £3 so way better than Amazon ... if you can get into town that is. Attaching some pics to help any other Huy Fongsters :)

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                                  Sorry for the delay. I actually did spend some time on Google maps looking for the precise location, but I was not successful. Nonetheless, it seems like it's been sprouting up elsewhere around London -- even Tesco!

                                  I did find some at a small Chinese grocery on Mile End Road near Whitechapel: China Ark, 88 MER. They used to only stock the flying goose brand, but now they have Huy Fong.

                              2. Better stock up over there until the situation clarifies over here in 'The Colonies'... ^_-


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                                1. Assuming everyone has heard about Huy Fong being shut (probably temporarily) due to noxious emissions in California?

                                  I'd stock up if you can find it.

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                                    I saw it on the shelves in Seattle recently. I may be mistaken as I was permanently jet-lagged, but I could swear it was at Target. :-)

                                    1. As this thread has been resurrected anyway, it won't be too bad me posting this! I was in a Tesco in Somerset recently and found the Huy Fong sriracha for sale there. Mildly tipsy and ecstatically happy, I stocked up. Not sure if it's in all Tescos, but give your local one a go!

                                      1. Flying goose it is available at Tesco it is worth a try