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Jul 25, 2011 08:55 PM

Food Project: Chicken & Rice Around The World

I love the combo of chicken and rice but have actually never really eaten that many different kinds of it. But it seems like EVERYONE'S got their culture's version of this staple dish. So I'm embarking on a quest to cook up and taste C&R dishes from around the world!

So to the interested hounds, if you want to help me out by listing a C&R dish that I didn't include and you think I should try, as well as chiming in on how to make things tastily authentic (since I've never tried these before, I'll be following recipes, instead of my usual haphazardly instinctual method of cooking), I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

- Hainanese Chicken & Rice (Will probably go with the Steamy Kitchen version


- Halal Chicken & Rice (Found this old thread with great looking instructions:


- Arroz con Pollo (This sounds delicious and yet I don't know what recipe to go with. Or even which style, there's so many!)

- Jerk Chicken & Rice (And peas? I'm looking forward to using the grill for this one - any tips?)

I know there's more out there!

This will be fun because chicken is cheap and I have 2 giant bags of rice gifted to me by generous mothers to go through. :)

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  1. Oyakodon (chicken and egg on top of a bowl of rice). Japanese comfort food and easy to make.

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      How could I have forgotten oyakodon?!? My favorite thing to order at mom&pop japanese places!

    2. How about 1970s suburban American chicken and rice? My mother always made this dish, and it was always my go-to comfort food. My entire extended family loved this dish. My childhood best friend asked for it literally on her deathbed. Your average foodie would probably shudder at the thought of it though:)

      4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
      1 pint sour cream
      2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup
      white wine
      sliced mushrooms (fresh or canned)

      Blend the sour cream and soup; add white wine to taste. Put a small amount in the bottom of a glass baking dish, then lay the chicken breasts over top, and dump the mushrooms in. Pour the mixture over top of it, and then sprinkle the paprika over LIBERALLY. Cover with foil (put vents in) and bake at 425 (or was it 400?) for something like 45 minutes - basically until the sauce is bubbly and the chicken is cooked. Serve over white rice, with a side of cranberry sauce.

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      1. re: Heatherb

        That sounds wonderful and so comforting. love the cranberry sauce too. Don't find enough uses for it!

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          I think everyone must have a chicken and rice comfort food from their childhood. This is mine:) Haven't made it in years, due to a change in my eating habits, but it might be time to regress a little:) The cranberry sauce is just something I got used to eating with it, but it does go well with the mushroom sauce. You're right - totally an under-utilized condiment/side dish!

          1. re: Heatherb

            How did your eating habits change? Is it the rice/carb thing? Just wondering. I receently switched to pretty much all brown rice and wheat/fortified/Plus pasta. After about a year, I'm getting the hang of it!!

            1. re: monavano

              I still eat junk out, but when I'm home, I'm very minimalist and low processing. Lean meats grilled or broiled, whole grains, simple sauces. Between the white rice (it doesn't taste as good with brown rice) and the condensed soup and the highly unnatural cranberry sauce, I just kinda stay away from it. This is not to say I'm some health food nut who weighs 25 pounds (I'm a junk food addict with a moderate weight issue) but I've set some rules about what I let into the house. When I'm out, all bets are kind of off - still working to change that.

          2. re: monavano

            The trusty can of Ocean Spray was on mom's shopping list year-round. Though I no longer eat it with pot roast, I can't make a meat loaf or chicken sandwich without it. Also essential with chicken/turkey croquettes or a la king.

          3. re: Heatherb

            I love suburban American comfort food, it's always almost... exotic to me! This is perfect and sounds delicious.

          4. Some others....

            -Paella- this can be a chicken and rice dish if you want it to be.

            -Biryani- certainly one of the best chicken and rish dishes ever.

            -Persian "Polows"-- there are a whole class of Persian rice dishes that can be made with chicken (lubia polow, adas polow, kalam polow, baqala polow and the maybe the best of all...zereshk polow--- just to name a few).

            -Khao man gai-- thai chicken and rice.

            -Jollof Rice-- West African kinda thing.

            -Chinese clay pot chicken/rice dishes.

            There are many others. Basically any culture that cooks with rice has a chicken and rice dish-- usually several.

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              Is there a chicken biryani recipe, rough or exact, that you recommend? Also, you just reminded me that my favorite thing to order at our local Persian joint is adas polo and comes with perfect spheres of salty, juicy, flavorful chicken - how do they become perfect spheres?? And I love the rice with dates and raisins... this is going on my list.

              1. re: esquimeaux

                I've only attempted biryani a few times-- and none of the recipes I've tried turned out other-worldly, which is what I believe a good biryani should be. But if I were to try it again I'd go with one from either Raghavan Iyer (His book "660 Curries" is easily my favorite Indian Cookbook) or Julie Sahni or Madhur Jaffrey.

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              1. Arroz caldo, a chicken and rice porridge, was one of my favorite foods as a child. The stock for the rice should be completely infused with the flavor of chicken and redolent with the spicy scent of ginger and garlic chips. To serve, one can add a pinch of saffron, but I prefer mine showered with lemon juice and scallions so that it is tart, spicy and absolutely comforting More information here:

                For arroz con pollo, I prefer to keep it simple. I season the chicken with salt, pepper, a few herbs (thyme, oregano, parsley), smoked paprika, sweet paprika and let them sit. In a hot pan, I fry the chicken in olive oil, reserve them, and use about 2 tbsp. of accumulated chicken drippings and olive oil to fry sofrito, tomato paste, bay leaf and the rice before adding broth and the reserved chicken to finish cooking. To serve I top with sliced red pepper and fresh peas which cook in the residual heat of the rice. Annatto oil is optional if you want a yellow color.