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Hell's Kitchen 7/25 - spoiler

I missed last week's shows so I have no idea why Elise despises Carrie. Notwithstanding that many people seem to dislike Carrie, it's Elise with her ghetto attitude that's annoying. Is Gordo intentionally trying to sink the women's team? I believe the women wanted Carrie to volunteer for the vacancy on the men's team and Carrie was willing until Gordo vetoed the idea and sent Natalie, who seems to be the most competent and sensible person, to the men's team.

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  1. I caught about five minutes toward the end.
    Someone cried, someone sneered, several said they could do better. A jacket got impaled.

    I pity the editors as the characters' (and Gordon's) faces have changed, but the story hasn't.

    1. We watched about 5 total minutes of this (flipped between HK, Tigers game and No Reservations!) so I have no idea who got the (certainly well deserved) boot

      Carrie is pretty useless as far as I can tell but ITA about Elise...someday she'll end up on People's Court or Judge Judy.

      They do seem to set up the women's team for failure consistently, but it's such a farce that I can't bestir myself to care that much.

      1. SSDD ;-)
        This show is so wrote and so incredibly stale. Swap out characters and you've got the same show, same formula, same issues.
        Food isn't cooked. Food is overcooked. Diners wait for food. Gordon et. al chefs scream at the contestants. Food is thrown.
        Does screaming and barking in the kitchen make for a good chef? I don't think so. Anecdotally, I was at a wonderful restaurant in the Outer Banks, NC last month and it had an open kitchen. 2 male chefs, complete quiet, total efficiency of movement and as the restaurant filled, entrees were going out at a proper pace without any of the drama.
        It's just not needed, and it was really a sight to see these 2 men work in concert. That's a pro.

        1. i watched last week's shows and don't know why Elise despises Carrie... she just does, it seems. Obviously he kept Carrie for the drama factor... so that they can all keep screaming at each other.
          ITA on Elise - wish she'd mess up and get sent packing!

          1. This is my first time watching this show, and it's already soooo formulaic. Guess I'll drop it from the DVR line-up. Plus, would parents *really* take their kids to a restaurant with screaming, swearing staffers, then cover up their innocent little ears? Don't know who'd be more pathetic--the contestants or those parents.

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            1. re: pine time

              Potentially free food and a chance to be on TV? Yeah, I think lots of parent would bring their kids to HK.

              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                Ok, but weren't the kids options chicken sticks & spaghetti--is that really worth it as a freebie? (Guess you can tell that I don't have kids.)

                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  Agreed. Face time on tv vs. filling your kid's ear with foul language?
                  TV. It's CA after all. Someone could get "discovered", dontcha know.

                2. re: pine time

                  It looks like a parent told a kid that if he said "Shut it down!" he'd get on tv.

                3. I now prefer to call this show "Hell's Wellington."


                  Every week both beef wellington and rack of lamb are on the dinner menu . Two dishes that are far from being found daily on most restaurant menus in the US and probably two of the hardest dishes out there to serve to the correct doneness-especially if not using a temp. probe.

                  It dawned on me after watching several episodes of Gordon's "The F Word" to which beef welly and lamb chops were served several times and Gordon seemed quite the expert,

                  Force inexperienced chefs to make difficult and often unknown dishes that offer a small window of error and thus you have drama. And yelling. Lot's of yelling. LOL.


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                  1. re: jjjrfoodie

                    I don't totally agree with you jjj, if I was going to be on HK (which I am not) I would have been practicing beef wellington, chops, scallops like crazy, and checking out markets as much as possible and tasting all kinds of fruits and vegetables in preparation, talking to a butcher and fishmonger about cuts of beef, fillets of fish, whole fish etc.
                    I would be reading cookbooks, and googling all kinds of food preparations and tasting herbs and spices. There is no reason to be so ill prepared.

                    1. re: smartie

                      I agree 100% smartie.

                      And yet---the contestants always seem to be ill-prepared to cook those dishes properly, season in and season out. And I found that odd but humorous.

                      I also doubt there are many, if any, scholars in the bunch that would approach matters in that way. LOL. Just sayin' :-)

                    2. re: jjjrfoodie

                      A host of drinking game ideas here:

                      Every time GR, screams
                      Every time risotto is burnt or fish is rubber or meat is raw, ...
                      Every time someone says, "Throw me under a bus"
                      Every time someone beeps (could get dangerous)
                      Every time the kitchen is shut down, someone thrown out, someone is forced to eat something poorly cooked
                      Every time diners are hungry
                      Every time the contestants flirt, in or out of hot tub
                      Every time someone spits out food
                      etc., etc.

                      1. re: chowser

                        I want to know why they erased the John Dory from the menu. The scallops, Wellington, and risottos are still going strong.

                      2. re: jjjrfoodie

                        the joke at our house is its always Beef Wellington, scallops and risotto on the menu, which inevitably are burned, raw, undercooked...etc.... why do they keep serving the same food? And if I was eating there I certainly wouldn't order any of those as I will wait forever for one properly cooked!

                      3. So Elise was even more disliked by her team than Carrie. That was fun to watch - Elise getting her comeuppance. Looks like she goes berserk on the next episode.

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                        1. re: Worldwide Diner

                          I so wanted Elise to go home... I'm already sick of listening to her! I can't imagine what it was like for the other contestants, sharing space with her.

                        2. just because of habit I tape this show.
                          had 2 taped, watched a few minutes of 1, deleted
                          it and deleted the next 1 without watching.
                          it's the same show every season, different names
                          but same main dishes, same complaints, same premise,
                          same cussing, tossing things, temper tantrums, Gordon
                          having hissy fits.
                          took it off my recording requests.
                          I'm done with Gordo's rants, poor guy's gonna pass out
                          one of these days.