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Jul 25, 2011 05:59 PM

Recommendation for Indian in South Philly?

Is Indian Restaurant on South the best place to go? I heard it can be kind of dead? I need some atmosphere, since I'm going on a date.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Lovash (the place you're talking about) is the *only* Indian in South Philly, and that's defining South Philly pretty loosely. I haven't been in years because it wasn't very good, and I haven't heard that it's changed much. If atmosphere is important I'd go to Palace at the Ben or maybe Bindi, though Bindi isn't authentic Indian it does have better atmosphere. Unfortunately Munish Narula's Tashan is still a ways away from opening on Broad St.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      No there is a new Indian restaurant called Indian Restaurant at 17th & South; it's from the King of Tandoor (Fairmount) folks. I haven't been there but through the windows, atmosphere looks pretty sparse. Lovash is not good and doesn't have great atmosphere anyway. There are no Indian restaurants south of South Street, except for a shady, unlicensed takeout place at E. Passyunk and Tasker.

      Buckethead's recs are on point for good Indian date restaurants. Note that Bindi is BYOB/BYOVodka (they will mix some cocktails).

      1. re: barryg

        Good to know! The name "Indian Restaurant" is going to make it impossible for people to google them.. I've been to King of Tandoor and it was decent, not as good as Ekta but better than Lovash or the buffets in West Philly.

    2. IMO, Indian Restaurant is good, not great, and a bit over priced. I would break out of South Philly and hit UCity or the area JUST west of there (like Chaat House, to name but one).

      NB: I live in South Philly, lived in Manhattan's Curry Hill for five years and go to UCity for my Indian fix.