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Jul 25, 2011 05:18 PM

Where can I buy skirt steak?

not the John Morrell vacuum packed stuff I'm about to throw on my grill but real skirt steak. The long kind that looks like it actually came from a cow. I found some last summer at the St. Louis Park Costco but haven't had luck this year.

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  1. Clancey's, Lund's, many other grocers and meat markets...

    But our favorite place to get skirt and hanger: Valerie's Carniceria (two locations)

    1. You might call Hackenmueller's in Robbinsdale.

      1. Clancey's or the Wedge?

        1. I like Valerie's as well. one is on central close to Holy Land, the other across from Kmart on Lake.

          1. I was just at Everett's (38th and Cedar, S. Mpls) and there was some in the case.