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Jul 25, 2011 05:12 PM

Week in Sedona...

Love going to Sedona at least once a year but this year its for a week in September and I can't wait..
Have my fave's like Elote, Cowboy Club, Yavapai at Enchantment resort, Dahl and Deluca, Garland Lodge.
Hit up the Rock Springs cafe for my pie fix.

Anything new and good?
Many thanks..

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  1. Just down the hill in Cottonwood is Nic's Italian Steak & Crab House. Excellent food, well worth the drive.

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    1. re: NVJims

      Might have to go for lunch after a morning hike..looks great.
      Thanks NVJims!

    2. Heading to Sedona from 3 days in Vegas and if there are some good eats along the way, loved to hear about it...want to go over that new bridge bypass at Hoover Dam and then meander to get to the I-40.
      Many thanks..

      1. when we go to Sedona I cook at my sisters house.
        she's worked in many of the resorts there but has settled at
        Garlands forever now. I'll write to her and get her suggestions.
        hope she writes back in a timely manner.

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        1. re: iL Divo

          Love Garland's Lodge and wanted to stay with them but we are taking our doggie this trip and they don't take them at the cabins..
          Gonna try and at least have dinner there..

          Thanks iL Divo!!
          I still crack up that we all thought your avatar was your 'partner' and you had an interior design shop in Palm Springs...
          ; )

          1. re: Beach Chick

            I wrote a reply BC but it disappeared. I mentioned my 'partner' and the photo my husband hates of Sebastien and I. In the pix we're sitting at a bar in Vancouver after their concert, arms around each others' neck as I was enjoying time with "incredibly voiced" Sebastien (my favorite in the group of IL Divo.)  I wear a necklace my husband had made for me/it never leaves my neck. He was curious about what the necklace says (it's the title&first sentence of my favorite song). Someone clicked the camera of him closely looking at it trying to read it so he appears to be um, very close. Since my husband isn't fond of that and since that photo is the desktop of one of my computers, he's not thrilled and it's wrong of me. Thankfully husband is secure in us and knows (he's been to one of their concerts w-me) that (simply put) this young man is an incredible talent. Sebastien's fiancé is sitting right behind me talking to another 1 of  the 4 members of IL Divo. She is a stunning beauty and adorable in sharing her 'partner' with me.  They are married now with adorable twins.  So yes he's a partner to one lady as my husband is my partner/spouse/true mate in life.

             My sister hopes her answer isn't too late.  
            She says there are a 
            ton of great
            places to eat in Sedona:

            Wildflower Bread Company (breakfast, lunch, dinner) Coffee Pot Restaurant Cafe Jose

            Javelina Cantina (lunch, dinner)
            Secret Garden in Tlaquepaque (breakfast and lunch)
            Oak Creek Brewery and Grill in Tlaquepaque (lunch, dinner)

            Dahl & DiLuca
            Cucina Rustica Cowboy Club
            Shugrue's Hillside Grill

            Also Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, etc.  

            Secret Garden Cafe
            336 State Route 179 Ste F101, Sedona, AZ 86336

            Shugrue's Hillside Grill
            671 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336

            Javelina Cantina
            671 State Route 179 Ste Bf, Sedona, AZ 86336

            Heartline Cafe
            1610 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

            1. re: iL Divo

              Many thanks to you and your sister in Sedona..
              Been to most of the list but haven't tried Shugrue's or Secret Garden...
              All the best to you and those hot 'partners' in your life!

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Cake Couture is new and had good cupcakes! We had a Boston cream one and a chocolate. Elote is as good as ever. They usually close for a week in September so plan carefully, Beach Chick!!

                    1. re: nessy

                      Thanks nessy!
                      Love love love Cafe Elote..they better not be closed when I'm there!

        2. iL Divo..
          Wanted to let you know that I made reservations at Garland Lodge for my birthday/anniversary and dealt with Donald, whom was so nice.
          Hopefully, your sista will be there and I can say Hi..
          Thanks again!

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Beach Chick--we are back from our week in Sedona...we stop for a California Burrito at Sofia's and pie slices at Rock Creek on the way there and back. Dropped the Dateland stop this year as it gets messier and seedier each time we go this year.
            Ate at Elote three times as I'm obsessed. New place this time was Dan's Bistro. Reviews were not good on Trip Advisor, but a friend INSISTED we go and it was really good, with good service. Worth a try. Heartline was great, too. Picazzo disappointing.
            Have fun!

            Heartline Cafe
            1610 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

            1. re: nessy

              Whoaaa nessy...
              Our trip this year consists of Garland Lodge for the bday/anniv..Cafe Elote and looks like Dan's bistro is the wild card..byob?
              Slice of pie at Rock Springs is tradition and like Mex breakfast at Oaxaca.
              Have you been to Yavapai at my fave place to stay Enchantment Resort?

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Byob and 10 dollar corkage fee at Dan's--I'd say give them a try. More than satisfactory and we try at least one new place each time we go so....they won!
                Went to Yavapai/Enchantment and walked around the last day, but we had all caught the same cold and figured since we couldn't taste anything, why waste the calories and money!!! DEFINATELY next time tho.
                Also--we really enjoyed Wildflower. Every year I say NO--it's just a Panera with a different name, but the pancakes, oatmeal and sandwiches were REALLY good--lots of variety and it IS better than Panera. I don't know why I forget every year :) Plus you sit and watch those afternoon thunderstorms move in and it is breathtaking.
                Customer service there is very attentive for a casual place, and they had something that pleased adults and kids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

                1. re: nessy

                  Dan's Bistro is very good, open for lunch and dinner, creative and well prepared dishes.
                  Heartline is our other favorite - especially enjoy having dinner on the patio on a balmy (or any) evening.

                  Heartline Cafe
                  1610 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

                  1. re: janeh

                    Thanks janeh..
                    I'm usually at Coffee Pot, Oaxaco, Wildflower but everyone always raves about the place but I think 'Heartline' and feel they won't have butter and cheese which is the staple for my breakfast on vacation...
                    ; )

                    1. re: Beach Chick

                      Oh, Heartline has plenty of butter and cheese, yummy scones, stuffed French toast, etc. and nice outdoor seating if you so desire. The desserts are wonderful, especially the dessert sampler in the evening. The restaurant (blue building) serves dinner, breakfast and lunch are served in the cafe. Safeway is the way to go for wine when you go to Dan's.

                      Heartline Cafe
                      1610 W State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

                  2. re: nessy

                    I'll hit up the Safeway wine department before heading into Dan's bistro.
                    I love Wildflower for breakfast/lunch..been going for several years but I was resistant like you..surprised how great service and food was.
                    Surprised they let you in the guard gate at Enchantment resort without a reservations..but you are nessy!

                2. re: nessy

                  Where is Sophia's? Is it between Phx & Sedona?

              2. Just got back from one of the best road trips to Sedona for 4 days of food bliss..

                Elote Cafe..this is one of the best places for Southwest cuisine...started with a blood orange margarita on the rocks and had the Elote frigging good...had the chile relleno..outstanding!

                We had my birthday/anniversary dinner at Garland's love love this place!
                The Lodge is stunning.. 4 course meal of the evening was so delicious....lentil soup, goat cheese salad, Oregon Salmon with cous cous and grilled veggies, lemon pie with coffee...they rang the bell for dinner..loved that!
                $15 corkage fee and cocktails are served at 6pm and dinner served at 7pm.
                Don, the host, was so charming and lovely...service was incredible and wish we had stayed at one of the cabins..

                First night into town went and sat at the bar at Cowboy Club and split a burger and beer.
                This was one of the best burgers I've ever had...the meat was so clean and cooked to medium rare was pouring rain and the town shut down early.

                Wildflower Bread Company for breakfast/lunch from our resort was perfect to walk the dog and dine with him on the outside patio..

                Sedona has really stepped up it's game and the food matches the stunning views.


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                1. re: Beach Chick

                  Is there a reason why no one seems to be mentioning L'Auberge?

                  1. re: mwest9

                    I used to go to L'Auberge and their Sunday brunches were always wonderful..
                    I'll be in PHX in March and I'm gonna try and get up to Sedona...gotta get those chakras opened up...hee hee

                    1. re: mwest9

                      We've been going to Sedona for decades--loved Garland's so much we eventually bought property adjacent to them upstream on the creek (sometimes you're eating our apples in their dishes or cider). I heartily agree with the above recs (however, I'd be a bit more charitable to Picazzo where we often find an enjoyable pizza before/after a movie--although Mozza/ Bianco it ain't...). Regarding L'Auberge, I highly recommend it for lunch. Sitting outside in the sun on the patio watching the ducks frolic in the creek is always a treat IMHO .
                      The food is good(and only mildly pricey) and the setting wonderful. I haven't had dinner there in years. There have been a series of chefs, yet most of the locals I've known find the quality of the cooking doesn't quite match the prices. The dining room is lovely--the attitude (at least in the past) sometimes less so. Perhaps we could elicit some comments from more recent Hounds' visits, but for now when Mary and Amanda can't squeeze us in at Garland's (opening again early April) and a long wait at Elote isn't an option, we'll head over to the Yavapai Room to take in another memorable sunset and dinner-- or cook in and head over on the weekend for Mimosas and Enchantment's great brunch.

                      1. re: Baroloboy

                        I'm loving the way you roll..
                        Don at Garland's is a sweetheat and lucky you with property close to them.
                        Don't forget Rock Springs Cafe for a fab slice of pie in the way up to Sedona..

                        1. re: Baroloboy

                          We stayed at L'Auberge one night and ate in the restaurant that evening. The level of service was extremely high, I was quite impressed, I mean it was nearly perfect, I can't really think of any room for improvement. Our waitress was superb: just the right balance of friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, efficient and attentive, just extremely seasoned and professional. The timing was wonderful, we were not rushed nor did we have to wait more than we wanted at any point. We ate inside but still had a very nice view of the creek through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

                          The food was very good, with the highlight being the absolutely stunning lobster bisque with cognac foam. It was by far the best I've had and we order this anytime its on the menu anywhere we go. It was smooth and on the thin side, but the lobster flavor was incredibly intense, just huge. I know it takes a lot of meticulous work to get a really good lobster stock, so I really appreciated all the effort put into making this great soup.

                          The squid was an interesting dish, mostly an unbreaded whole squid body marinated in kim chee sauce and lightly grilled. There was a salsa verde, some lemon oil and a few other strong flavors that made this dish bright and flavorful.

                          Mains were quite good, but not as exciting as the appetizers. My wife had the filet mignon and I had the duck breast. The duck breast came with sweet potato puree, a spicy, sausage-like duck confit timbale, chestnuts, cranberries, and a grilled slice of foie gras. I could not detect the juniper flavor in the duck, but it was well cooked and delicious. I had a Yangara Shiraz from Australia and my wife had a ZD pinot noir and both wines were very good to our tastes. Bread service was very good, too, with a hummus, an herbed butter and olive oil/balsamic as three different flavors for the hot and fresh bread, high quality, too.

                          We were too full for dessert, so nothing to report there.

                          I'd have no problem recommending L'Auberge for dinner, other than you are locked into ordering an entree given the choice of number of courses. ($50 for two courses, $60 for three, $70 for four).

                          The resort was very nice, again the service being top-notch all the way from top to bottom. A great place to stay and dine.

                          301 L'Auberge Lane, Sedona, AZ 86336

                          1. re: mwest9

                            Good post. Thank you for your much needed recent update on L'Auberge. I'm glad your experience was a good one. The prix fixe is a change since we were last there and their menu now seems to feature more locally sourced ingredients--a welcome addition.
                            Still, a couple's tab which probably inched toward $150 for a two course meal and a couple of glasses of wine will likely raise Price/Quality ratio questions for some, and may be a contributing factor in the challenges the inn has had( again, at least in the past) in attracting repeat diners who were not guests at the hotel.
                            One hopes that positive new reviews like yours will encourage more visits (count me as one) and reports on what has always been one of the area's most charming dining rooms.

                            On a related note, a chef with some serious bona fides (Le Cordon Bleu, Mary Elaine's, T. Cooks) left L'Auberge a year or two ago and took over Fournos-- a tiny spot in West Sedona founded probably 20 years ago by a houndesque retired (?lawyer) who loved to cook. We've twice failed to score a reservation and would be interested in reports from anyone having eaten there.