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Jul 25, 2011 05:12 PM

Best Tea in No NJ

Looking for a great place to take my mother for tea. I have been to Belmari in Hawthorne and thought is was okay, but nothing great. Someone else suggested HighSocietea- any other suggestions?

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  1. My niece attended a baby shower at HighSocietea and said it was really very nice and everyone had a good time.

    I found this link with all NJ tearooms and some reviews maybe this will help you out.

    1. I have not been, but friends have recommended Harmony Tea in Westwood. Not sure where you are coming from but if you can get to Hawthorne, you can probably get to Westwood.

      1. I'm not sure what you consider northern NJ, but teaberrys in Flemington does an excellent tea service.

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          I agree with Teaberry's. It is in a lovely old Victorian House. The menu is very nice and the service is very professional. However, I always enjoyed tea at the Short Hills Hilton. Very elegant. There is also Anna Beale's in Westfield. I haven't been, but friends have and liked it very much.

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            Thanks- Teaberrys looks great but a little further than i wanted to go. IF i was going to do that, i think i would just go into the city.

        2. You could try Ana Beall's in Westfield, Tea Hive in Newton, or The Upper Crust in Boonton. It's been a while since I've been to them but they were good when I was there.

          Tea Hive
          310 State Route 94 S, Newton, NJ 07860


            This is a lovely tea house. I grew up right by the building and knew the family that once occupied the house this business now resides in; so for me it's filled with good memories.

            If AB's is still offering the tea sandwich sampler, that would be my recommendation with your tea selection.