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Jul 25, 2011 05:01 PM

Kosher cookbook Panama

I was told the Jewish community in Panama (Central America) published a very good cookbook. Does any one know anything about it? Anybody with contacts in the Panama Community. I'd love to buy it. I recently received as a present the cookbook from the Costa Rica community and it is excellent

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  1. what is the name of the costa rica one? i would love to try and find it.

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    1. re: marissaj

      Hi marissa,
      It is called TAAM! Tres generaciones de Sabor. Published in 2005, I understand there is a new one either recently out or coming out. The one we have is published by WIZO. Now you owe me the Panamanian :)

      1. re: mrotmd

        If I knew it, or had a way to find it, it would have already been given.. Sorry I can't be more help!

    2. Try this lead:
      If not, Congregation Ahavat Sion may know. They have a bookstore.

      1. Are both of the cookbooks in Spanish?

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        1. re: craigcep

          The one from Costa Rica is in Spanish