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Jul 25, 2011 04:58 PM

Alert! The closest thing to a NYC bagel at the...

Dekalb Farmers Market! Dense, chewy, and didn't desperately need a dose of salt to taste like something (like Goldberg's). We've only had the sesame, but the others should be great, too. Between this and the frozen bialies at Publix - if I can ever find them again - I'm a happy girl. Now if I could only find just the right Chinese and Italian...

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  1. Perhaps they've improved, but the ones I had are not even in the same league with BB's Bagels.

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    1. re: Clarence Odbody

      Haven't been there yet, but give these another try.

      1. re: bialy

        Haven't had their bagels. Used to get the bran muffins all the time. Never have been impressed with their bread b/c it seemed to have a shelf life of maybe a day. Not expecting something like the highly stabilized grocery store stuff, but just to be able to make sandwiches for a couple of days before it was rock hard.