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Jul 25, 2011 04:55 PM

Broken Organ packet in chicken and other questions

Not my best cooking week -rushing too many frozen meats -question #326: Marinating a whole chicken - still mostly frozen and a) I broke off the "organ packet" inside the chicken and b) forgot to really drain the chicken before dumping in my ziploc with my marinade - so packety, bloody chicken water is in my marinade - what are my options?

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  1. All is not lost. I assume you did defrost (to refrigerator temperature) the chicken before it went into the marinade and that it is marinating in a refrigerated environment. If that's all true, just remove it from the marinade at the time you normally would,, remove any remnants of the giblets packet and prepare your chicken as usual. If you're sensitive about the "bloody chicken" aspect of what you've prepared you can rinse it prior to cooking and prepare a small amount of your marinade recipe to coat it prior to putting it on the stove.
    Alternatively, you could remove it from the marinade, clean it up and prepare a new batch of marinade.
    No need to make this any more difficult than it actually is.

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    1. re: todao

      Well it is actually still pretty frozen. I took it out to get it in the marinade and then forgot about the packet and tried to force it. I cleaned and tried for about 10 mins to remove it and then put it in the ziploc and put the whole thing back in the freezer.
      I'm contemplating new marinade but I'll still have a half frozen organ pack.

      1. re: DebinD

        Will a marinade even work on a frozen chicken?

        1. re: robertesden

          Well it was more frozen than I thought when I decided to put in the marinade. It will marinate overnight. Like I said not my best week. We are slammed at work and heading on vacation and I'm rushing a few things.

          1. re: robertesden

            I sometimes freeze chicken in the marinade so that when I defrost it (in the fridge) it has time to marinate and absorb the flavors.

            1. re: jerseydiner

              But you start with it thawed, right? I've considered doing this but wondered if it would get TOO marinated.

              1. re: robertesden

                You'd have to have the *right* marinade. I should do that next time I go to costco. Marinate them when I buy them! DUH!

      2. Get a grip. The chicken is raw, the organs are raw - it's all the same critter. Just cook the chicken to the proper degree of doneness and discard the marinade. Don't know why packety organ blood is any worse than chickeny blood - which it has, whether you like the idea or not. You're fine.

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        1. re: Nyleve

          I'm mostly concerned about the water -normally I dry my chicken off before marinating it (at least empty the cavity by turning it upside down) and the marinade looks a little watery and gross-ish. But glad to know it is all aesthetic.

          1. re: DebinD

            The organ packet is there because some people actually eat that stuff. So really - I wasn't being facetious - it's all the same business: the chicken, the liver, that little stomachy thing. It can all be marinated and then all cooked and all eaten. Given that you probably won't eat the funny bits, just discard them (or give them to the cat) and cook the chicken as you would normally do. Maybe it all looks watery and gross because the excess liquid is seeping out as the chicken thaws - take it easy, it's all ok.

            1. re: Nyleve

              Not eat them????? Sacrilege. I eat the gizzard, SO eats the liver, we share the heart, I toss the neck in with other 'parts' for the next batch of stock.

              1. re: robertesden

                I roast the innards at the bottom of the pan along with aromatics. Makes for terrific gravy.

                1. re: robertesden

                  It was just a suspicion but somehow I got the impression that the OP wasn't exactly planning on consuming the organ packet. My husband would kill me if I didn't cook the liver for him and my cats would kill me if I didn't give them the gizzard and heart.

                  1. re: Nyleve

                    Not this time - sometimes I do-this month has been crazy and tonight I just want to throw the darn things out!

                2. re: Nyleve

                  I do eat most of that stuff when I make a stuffing or dirty rice, but about 75% of the time I skip it.