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Jul 25, 2011 03:45 PM

How to choose a Watermelon

I've held it. smelled it, turned it, and I may even have slapped it.

I give up.

Anyone know what it takes to choose the best watermelon?

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  1. I have had pretty good luck with a few tips from a news story I read this summer:
    --Symmetry (lopsided means less taste)
    --Butter-colored underbelly (NOT white)
    --Stem with black crystallized sugar ring
    --Vibration. Hold the melon in one hand and thump it firmly with the other. You should feel a vibration, means melon is ripe.

    1. The (water)melon should feel heavy for its size, it must be firm, it must smell fresh

        1. The longer the melon sits on the vine the sweeter it will be.

          Look for the patch mark where the watermelon was sitting on the ground. aka the underbelly.

          There should be discoloration - the discoloration should be yellow.

          If you always keep this in mind you will always get a sweet and juicy watermelon.

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            Thanks Sister, much appreciated. I will do that.

            1. re: Pixie Muse

              I just learned this not to long ago because I was having some bad luck with watermelons. So I googled it and now I've used this method twice and it's worked.

              I agree with others as well so it should be a good shape and feel heavy. Heavy means its juicy. :) Hope you find an amazing juicy and sweet watermelon.

          2. Yep, mostly what others have said. Pick the melons up. A good one will be heavy for its size (pick up several to compare). Make sure it has a field mark (the spot where it way laying on the ground). Now, tap it with a single finger, like you're trying to find a stud in a wall. Does it sound hollow? Then you've got a good watermelon.

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              Will do, gilintx and thank you for the help. I did pick a real heavy one once, and it was sort of stringy inside, not firm (sob) But I will certainly follow your other suggestion about the spot to look for, and the tap Merci!