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Jul 25, 2011 02:06 PM

Honeymoon in Calistoga

I will be in Calistoga in September for a Thurs-Wednesday outing with my fiance'. She is a wine lover extraordinaire and a foody. Who can give me a list of restaurants that we must enjoy. We love obscure but they must be good.
I have Solage, Barolo, Jo-Le, Cafe La Hage, Cook Italian, and St. Helena's Market on a list but they are from old blogs. HELP!

1450 Lombard St., San Francisco, CA 94123

Barolo Restaurant
404 San Pedro Ave, Pacifica, CA 94044

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  1. On that list I'd say Solage is your best best. Classic californian with a oft changing menu. The grounds are gorgeous as well. Since it's your honeymoon the "mudslide for 2" in the Solage spa is VERY romantic and fun. They have a package that includes lunch or dinner at Solage plus the mudslides that is perfect for a romantic weekend.

    Other than that, if your budget is large, check out the restaurant at Meadowood. Mixed reviews and seems a little inconsistent but fairly experimental and foodie-oriented. Ad hoc is another great spot. A bit of a drive from Calistoga but worth it and a great way to end a day of wine tasting.

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      Hey, much appreciated. Any other ideas are more than welcome but this is a great start. I just booked dinner at Solage and a massage package for two. Good call.

    2. JoLe - I much prefer it over Solage and find it slightly more focused on its ingredients than Solage.

      1457 Lincoln Avenue, Calistoga, CA 94515

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        A big +1 for Jole. Matt's cooking at Matyson in Philadelphia was awesome and he hasn't missed a beat in Calistoga.

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          Great trip. My take:

          Calistoga: Solage all day long. Chicken paillaird for lunch, pork things for dinner. Outstanding pool and spa. Outstanding Michelin 1 star. Was there today for lunch. Wonderful.

          St Helena: Cook for Italy/American local counter and tables. Go Fish for sushi and all things fish. Taylors Refresher for the quintessential hamburger drive-in.

          Have great time!

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            Go Fish has changed: Cindy Pawclyn's restaurant is now called Brassica and will be entirely Mediterranean.

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              Wow. Let me thank you one and all. I have taken the recommendations and almost have a full dining agenda. Any out of the way, hole in the wall spots would still be welcome.
              My next task is to pick the top wineries to visit. I have the Frank Family and some other "regulars" among them the Opus location. Where should I go by appointment only and what boutiques are a must visit for my "wine loving" fiance. I want to impress.

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                Personally, I am a fan of "mountain fruit" and most of the wineries on the mountains are appointment-only, boutique establishments which are worthy of the time and effort to get to; you will get intimate tours and taste amazing juice.

                Close to Calistoga:
                On Spring Mountain: Pride as well as Smith Madrone
                On Howell Mountain: Outpost, O'Shaughnessy, and Lamborn
                On Diamond Mountain: Lakoya, Schramsberg, and Stonegate

              2. re: CarrieWas218

                I'll be posting on Brassica in a couple of days...

                1. re: chairbc

                  I've been to Brassica a couple of times; they have already removed a handful of the Middle Eastern-inspired dishes off the menu in favor of the more Italian-esque courses.

                  Still a good restaurant, but so much like what else is here in the valley as to be forgettable in its sameness...