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Jul 25, 2011 01:51 PM

[DFW] Best Mom and Pop/Hole in The Wall Ethnic Places [DFW]

I know about most of the frequently talked about places in the Metroplex. What are your favorites that no one talks about?

Some recent ones that I have spotted but not yet tried are:

Ibex - - Dallas

Ethio Grocery – SWC Beltline @ Jupiter – not sure if anything is even here - Garland

Star Bukri’s Catering – Ethiopian Food to Go or Star Food Mart – NEC Buckingham @ Jupiter - Garland

Taqueria El Sabroso – Walnut - Garland

Woo Mee Ok BBQ House - SWC Walnut @ Plano Rd - Garland

Kemi’s Kitchen – - Grand Prairie

The Island Spot - - Carrollton

Coco Pando – Honduran on Community Dr close to Bachman Lake

Tineo – - Richardson

Renato’s New York Style Deli at Trinity Mills and Marsh (formerly Eastern European Deli) - Carrollton

El Tesoro Del Inca – Beltline and Conflans - - Irving

Villa Mediterranean Grill - have tried this one and they have an awesome Lamb Shwarma and specialize in Persian food. - Carrollton

El Sabroso
3426 W Kingsley Rd, Garland, TX 75041

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  1. I'd like to add, Cafe Izmir and deli for home made Persian style Middle Eastern food.

    El Fuego on Plano Road at Campbell for outstanding Mexican food.

    European Market and Deli across from Medical City. Probably the only genuine family owned and run Polish deli in Dallas. The stuffed duck salami is to die for. Home made pierogi and stuffed cabbage rolls as well.

    Cafe Izmir
    3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

    El Fuego
    1891 N Plano Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

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    1. re: twinwillow

      I have been two or three time in the past year to Cafe Izmir each time they have greatly underwhelmed me each time....also the price of the dishes reflects their rent on Greenville. IMHO I think they could close the club next door double the size of the restaurant and focus on their food.

      Cafe Izmir
      3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        'Hounder, I'm talking about Izmir Deli and Market's tiny hole in the wall at 3711 Greenville Ave. Not their larger Cafe Izmir restaurant a block north. I should have clarified that.
        The food is very good and, much cheaper at the deli.
        I guarantee the lamb gyro with tzaziki and their falafel will not "underwhelm" you

    2. For a "hole in the wall", I visited Clark's in Tioga, TX on Saturday. I think the website is
      I had the chicken sandwich and it was moist and tender. I had ordered the turkey and they messed up up on the order. I guess this place has been a hangout for horsemen since it opened back in 1974.

      We were on the way to Tulsa for a horse show and this was a detour since Clark's also has a gigantic coconut cream pie. I just ate my chicken sandwich & slaw and didn't taste the pie, but it looked great!

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      1. re: Barbara76137

        Barbara, your post brings back lots of memories. I first started going to Clark's Outpost in Tioga in 1978. That was just a few years after the late, great, Warren Clark quit his executive position at American Airlines to live his dream and open the Outpost. The pies were really the star attraction. His BBQ was "OK". Nothing like Central Texas BBQ. But, It was the casual Sunday drive in the country and visiting with Warren that really drew us there. Ok, the ribs were pretty good, too!
        I've heard the BBQ is quite good there nowadays.

        1. re: twinwillow

          The pictures on the walls were really fun since I know so many of the people, including the friend I was with. He had sent me a picture of the coconut cream pie there right after we met and that was how I knew he was a "closet foodie" :)

          I saw lamb fries on the menu. Have you ever tried them there?

          1. re: Barbara76137

            Never had the lambs fries but I think a drive to the country is due. Although, it's not really a "country drive" these days. Do you remember seeing the large painted mural on the side wall in the back room? I remember when the guy painted it. For food, I think.
            If you want have lunch with me there one Sunday, you know how to get in touch with me.

            1. re: twinwillow

              Didn't see the back room. Funny you should mention the "country drive" because on Monday as we were driving back on 82 we both mentioned 'gee, this bridge/overpass wasn't here back in March, was it?' I can't remember the N/S road, but it used to be an intersection.

              1. re: twinwillow

                I know this is over a month old, but just saw your response today. Email me and now that the weather seems to be a little less than "incinerator" I'd enjoy a road trip!

                    1. re: Barbara76137

                      Just say when, Barbara. We can drive out there in my 41 mpg hybrid.

          2. re: Barbara76137

            Stopped going to Clark's when they did away with the smoked trout. I used to go once a month just to pick up trout.

            1. re: irodguy

              I remember the trout and that was the only reason I would go.

          3. I have to add Blue Ginger Garden to your list. It's consistently good. Hai and his wife are the nicest folks you ever wanted to meet.

            The island spot can be hit and miss by the way. Their service at lunch borders on intolerable.

            I never heard of Renato's is it really a New York style joint I have never heard about?

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            1. re: irodguy

              Renato's is not NY Style. Is is a Romanian guy who literally set up shop right next to a Subway. He won't get any bites from the general population if he says Romanian Deli. They do have the typical sandwhiches but I would go after the sub and the ones with fresh mozzarella on them.

              Sorry forgot the link in the orginal post


              Facebook page too:

              1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                Update: You will want to wait for Saturday as the owner makes a few Romanian dishes on Saturdays....grilled sausages and a few soups and stews he said. Extremely nice guy and sandwiches were decent but much better than Subway next door.

              2. re: irodguy

                I second Blue Ginger Garden. I think the food is excellent (and authentic) and the owners are super friendly. I really hope they're around for a long time to come.

              3. We ate at Taj Mahal on 75 and Meadow tonight (NWC) - it was pretty delicious. Even the British guy at the table next to us was impressed. I'd forgotten how good it is. I'm not an Indian food expert, but I am a foodie and know good, fresh, high-quality food when I taste it. Go for the naan and onion kulcha. Tikka massala is best I've ever had, and the chicken kandhai was really tasty - my new favorite! The staff is friendly, the service was great. I think I'll be dreaming of onion kulchas tonight :-)

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                1. re: Feedyerbird

                  We went back to Taj Mahal recently for the last time. While originally very good its gone downhill over the years. The last visit the tea was undrinkable and the entrees boring to bad.
                  It was sad that a place the used to love reach this point.

                  1. re: Feedyerbird

                    I've been to Taj Mahal many times and it has at best pedestrian Indian food but I do enjoy their AYCE Sunday night buffet.

                  2. Tony's cafe - NW corner of spring creek & alma in Plano. Great breakfast, especially unique breakfast tacos and baklava.

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                    1. re: kylewilliam


                      The breakfast tacos look typical but the omelettes look like he has some interesting twists. I will have to give the baklava a go though!

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        Actually their cinnamon rolls rock! They have quite a few Greek combos that are also good. The best thing is she who is picky can eat breakfast and I can have a falafel or gyro and of course a cinnamon roll.