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Jul 25, 2011 01:32 PM

Uptown - Oysters?

Is Stella's the only place in Uptown to get a cold beer and a dozen oysters on a late Saturday afternoon? Will be at Uptown Art Fair in two weeks and would like something within walking distance. I don't mind a long wait, which we will surely have with the crowds. I've been to Stella's once, and thought the food was underwhelming, but I didn't have their fresh oysters. We're not looking to have dinner - would just like a late afternoon "snack."


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  1. I think Barbette's has oysters, but the wait will be just as long.

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    1. re: KTFoley

      I don't mind a long wait. More time to visit with friends!

    2. Il Gatto had a respectable raw bar when they that still the case or has the menu reverted to a version of Figlio?

      Il Gatto
      3001 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

      1. Can't beat the Stella's happy hour oyster prices. But they've been hit or miss. Was there about a month ago and the oysters were fantastic. Sometimes the shuckers drain the juice but the regular guy was there and he does an awesome job.