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Jul 25, 2011 01:19 PM

Most authentic steak restaurant in Dallas?

I am going to visit Dallas in October. I have never been there before. I am from Frankfurt, Germany. It is my second trip to the United States and my first trip to Texas. I do not know much about the Texas way of life, so I want to try a real authentic steak restaurant in Dallas. Which steak restaurant is the place to be ? Thank you so much for your recommendations !

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  1. Are you willing to try more than one? Here - as I'm sure there - depending on who you ask, you can get that many different answers on authenticity of any particular food type.

    (FYI -There is a "Cowboy" cut that generally implies a bone-in rib-eye, generally cut 1-1/2" - 2+" thick, but can as large as a small roast.)

    Having nothing to do with authenticity - there's also price and decorum to consider. Are you looking for casual or high-brow?

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    1. re: CocoaNut

      Nothing wrong with the "Cowboy Ribeye" at Stephen Pyles.
      And personally, I think the OP would really enjoy The Palm for it's NYC style ambiance and huge steaks and lobsters.

      And at today's currency rates, the OP gets $1.44 for each Euro.
      Always subject to change of course.

      1. re: twinwillow

        All I could think when I read a recommendation of a restaurant for its "NYC style ambience" in response to a request for an authentic Texas steak was the old commercial, "Get a rope ..."

        [The commercial was for salsa ... a redneck is reading the back of the jar ... "Made in New York City?!?!?!??! Get a rope ..."]

        For Texas-style food/steaks, I think of Fort Worth restaurants like Lambert's and Lonesome Dove ... despite the TV show, I think there's far more Texas in Fort Worth than there is in Dallas. And you can see a cattle drive in FW ... You want to talk ambience, there is some extremely genuine ambience in the stockyards after the cattle drive moves through.

        1. re: foiegras

          If that's the case, I would recommend Cattleman's in Ft. Worth. IMHO, much more "Texan" than Lonesome Dove or Lambert's. We could also recommend sending the OP to Traildust Steakhouse. It's hokey and very Texas but, the steaks are actually pretty decent.

          1. re: twinwillow

            Also, if in fort worth there's Del Friscos. In Dallas, Bob's steak and chop house. Al Biernat's in Dallas. And III Forks in Dallas. I have not been to Al Biernat's but the others all good IMO. Most of these are pretty pricey.

            Del Frisco's
            5251 Spring Valley Rd., Dallas, TX 75254

            Al Biernats
            4217 Oak Lawn, Dallas, TX 75219

            III Forks
            17776 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

            1. re: longtimecook

              I have always thought of III Forks as the place to go (other than Southfork) to feel as close as possible to the old TV show. At III Forks I have the feeling that JR is just around the corner.

              My recommendations were for a foodie/Texan experience.

              I consider Fred's, which is a burger joint, an authentic Texas experience, but those folks think Dallasites are foreigners. Not sure how kindly they'd take to a real one ;)

              And Mike is right, with the possible exception of those at Fred's, people in Fort Worth are good folks.

              To get the local flavor in a terroir sense, there's Local in Deep Ellum (Dallas). I have had fantastic steak there.

              III Forks
              17776 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

              1. re: longtimecook

                I've only been to III Forks once, back when Dale Wamstad was the proprietor. There were 4 of us celebrating a friend's b'day. He (Dave) came over to visit with us and gave the "aging patron" one of the flashy silver and gold coins (I think it could be redeemed toward some portion of an entree).

                Anyway, back then, great (huge) establishment with exquisite pizzazz and wonderful food (superb crab cakes for this part of the country). 've just never considered it in the same league of steakhouses since Gene Street took the reins.

                III Forks
                17776 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

      2. It depends on what you think of as "authentic" in a steak restaurant. Dallas is a relatively cosmopolitan city and bears very few traces of being in Texas, other than the accents of it's inhabitants. Nobody much wears cowboy hats and boots except for a few subcultures, and frankly, you won't find any of those folks at the best steak restaurants in town.

        That being said, if you want an arguably authentic taste of what Dallas was like 80 years ago, and rural Texas was like 60 years ago, I'd try Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fort Worth. (For the geographically impaired, Ft. Worth is a semi-major city about 40 miles west of Dallas.)

        Cattleman's is in the old Ft. Worth stockyards where you will find many interesting things related to what you may perceive to be "authentic" Texas, though for most Texas residents, these things -- cowboy boots, ten gallon hats, real cattle on the hoof, slaughterhouses, etc. -- have long ago passed from their daily lives. I'd allow two to three hours for looking around before meal time.

        Finally, at the risk of getting away from the topic of food, Ft. Worth, despite the fact that many of us in Dallas rather hate to admit it, has some nice museums. I'd especially recommend the Kimball and the Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art (especially if you are a fan of modern architecture). The Amon Carter Museum might also be of interest if you are interested in the old West, or what may view as "authentic" Texas. And despite the fact that they don't live in a major city ;), folks in Ft. Worth are awfully nice.


        1. Drive 40 miles east to Four Winds Steakhouse in Wills Point.

          Four Winds Steakhouse
          21191 FM 47, Wills Point, TX 75169

          1. How long is your trip, and will you be in any other parts of Texas?

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            1. re: shanagain

              I agree that Cattlemen's in Fort Worth is about as Texas you can get. I like Cattlemen's, especially the way you can see the flames coming off the grill and the smell of the restaurant. In Dallas, I would say Dunston's on Lover's Lane is an authentic Texas steak place. I like the way it smells also. The Dunston's Prime on Harry Hines is good also, but a little newer looking on the inside than the Lover's Lane location.

              Bigray in Ok