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Jul 25, 2011 12:23 PM

Wedding Dinner

We are eloping to Plainfield, VT this weekend. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good place to have a wedding dinner in the area? Montpelier, Barre etc. is fine. We like hip and local.

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  1. Green Cup in Waitsfield, Hen of the Wood in Waterbury, Salt in Montpelier. All three are hip and locally driven, and all three are very good. Congratulations!

    Hen of the Wood
    92 Stowe St Ste 1, Waterbury, VT 05676

    Green Cup Cafe
    40 Bridge St, Waitsfield, VT 05673

    1. I strongly recommend Salt (on Barre Street) or Kismet (on State Street) both in Montpelier. And congratulations. :)

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        We loved the Salt Cafe! It was absolutely perfect. Thank you for the recommendation. We had the spanish menu. I had a braised beef and my husband had a pork ravioli with a sherry reduction. I also had a seared tuna appetizer and he had an amazing gazpacho. Oh, and orange flan, we had that too!. The owner Suzanne is charming and interesting. We left with free left over chicken liver empanadas that we ate the next day for lunch and we didn't even tell them it was our wedding dinner!

        1. re: meggan

          Oh I'm so pleased! I just don't get as many chances to eat there as I'd like (my husband is a picky eater and the prices are a little high for just me to go on my own, I know that seems weird ;). Though I will definitely make it when she does a medieval menu this fall. :)