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Jul 25, 2011 12:15 PM

Quebec City > Lunch spots


I will be heading to QC this coming weekend and I was looking for some recommendations on lunch spots.

We are looking for something more the on the light side (sammy's, salads, etc) as we will be going out for fancy dinners and don't want to be full. Any suggestions?

We are staying in Old Quebec so preferably something walkable.
Also, anything with a patio maybe?


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  1. Chez Victor perhaps? It's a nice fancy burger place with half a dozen franchises or so now. Don't know which one would be closest to the old town. It shouldn't be too heavy.

    Of course, in Quebec City I would recommend stopping by Chez Ashton for poutine at least once (local fast food chain, don't expect nice cutlery but it's better than any poutine in Montreal...), but you want light...

    A little crepe at the Casse-Crepe Breton (1136 Saint-Jean, I hope I'm thinking about the right place, because there's another creperie right across which is not even half as good) is also perfect for breakfast or a light lunch (or a middle afternoon dessert). If I'm thinking of the wrong place, just go to the creperie with the longer line-up (the crummier place shouldn't have a line-up).

    Chez Victor
    2360 Ch Ste Foy Pyramide, Quebec, QC G1R, CA

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      Casse-Crepe Breton is this place :
      and if that's the place you're thinking of it is a great choice--charming, bustling atmosphere in old city and very good crepes that isn't ridiculously expensive. Sometimes a bit of a lineup but worth the wait for a table. I definitely second poumonsauvage's recommendation!

      1. re: poumonsauvage

        I disagree with Ashton, I find it below average and I really don't get the fascination. There's a lot better poutines in Montreal. To each his own though..

        Thanks for the burger place mention, I'll have to try that one!

        1. re: Werzoth

          I have yet to find a decent poutine in Montreal (and APDC foie gras poutine doesn't count, though I also have yet to try it). I guess I'll have to try Ma'am Bolduc at some point, but I've heard negative comments about the service. I know the one place almost everyone raves about is La Banquise. But I have been there, and obviously it's only popular because it's open 24 hours and those who visit it after a night of drinking are too drunk to taste or remember anything. If they were sober, they'd notice the fries are burnt, the curds are so large they can't be called curds anymore, and the sauce is bland.

          And the chicken in the galvaude at Chez Ashton is clearly chicken, while at La Banquise, the only way to tell this dry as cardboard meat in the galvaude I ordered was chicken was because of the chicken BONES left in it.

          Sorry about the rant, but given my experience, you can see why I'm pretty skeptical of Montreal poutine claims. To me, going to Montreal for poutine is like going to Toronto for bagels. It doesn't make sense. Ashton may not be high class but they've got quality control, you know what you'll get in terms of food and service.

          Anyway, to get back to Québec City, another place that I liked for lunch (but haven't been to in ages myself) is Le Café du Monde. It might be a bit heavy for lunch if supper is supposed to be heavy too.

          1. re: poumonsauvage

            Sounds like you hit La Banquise on an off-day (which does happen, unfortunately). Normally, their Galvaude is pretty good...and definitely much better than Ashton's. And I've never been to Banquise later than 10 pm, and never drunk either...