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Jul 25, 2011 12:09 PM

Recs for Bridgton, ME area

We have a group of 15 or so staying near Bridgton next week. Can anybody recommend good restaurants in that area? Also, we plan on cooking at home some nights so we'd love recommendations for good groceries or markets. Thanks!

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  1. Hannaford or Food City in Bridgton for groceries. Ken's Cove in Bridgton is a seafood market with live lobsters, clams, etc.

    The Bridgton/Naples/Casco area is mostly casual restaurants. Not a lot of fine dining.

    Italian - Venezia's. It's a small place, so call ahead for a group of 15.
    Casual Pub - Black Horse.

    Naples - Flight Deck, Bray's, Sydney's, Lobster pound, Black Bear Cafe.

    Black Bear Cafe
    215 Roosevelt Trl, Naples, ME 04055

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      ugh.......Venezia's is fair.

      Bray's is your best bet - a brewpub with decent food.

      Or for something a bit more upscale....go to Fryeburg to The Oxford House - eat either upstairs or in their downstairs cave-ish space called Johnathan's.