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Jul 25, 2011 11:15 AM

Cake size question

I've been asked to make a birthday cake in a couple of weeks, serving 20-25. This, in my mind means at least 25-30, right? Pretty much I can make whatever I want, *but* I will be traveling eight hours on the day before the party. I made a lemon layer cake a couple of months ago that I could adapt for this, so what to bake isn't the issue -- the question is how much. I do have a large square cake pan (14 or 16 inches, need to check) or I could just do two 9x13s, which might be easier to transport and store.

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  1. I'd probably go w/ the two 9x13 because with 8 hours of travel, you might not want to mess w/ doing more. I have traveled with large cakes using storage containers like this one:

    There are various heights and widths. I put the cake on firm cardboard or thin piece of wood. Then I turn the box upside down, put a nonskid mat on it, and the cake on top of that. Use the base as the top. It's worked fine for decorated cakes, if that's how you want to go. If you want to go simple and easy, I'd just buy two aluminum pans w/ lids.

    1. I guess you could buy a 12" x 18" half sheet cake pan or maybe even one of the foil variety. A single sheet would certainly be easier to transport.

      1. Would you be able to assemble and decorate the cake after traveling? I would think that two smaller slabs would be easier to pack and transport than a larger pan.

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          Yes, I plan to assemble etc once there. I like the idea of making only one cake ... but given that we'll be traveling, and storage will likely be an issue (both during the trip and after the party), I think I'll make two 9x13s. Thanks for your input everyone!