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CNN GO's "50 World's Most Delicious Foods"

Lists like these tend to throw up a lot of banter back and forth, so I figured I'd throw it on here and see what happens. Is there anything you'd add or subtract?


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  1. Very cool, thanks for sharing! I was particularly pleased to see one of my all time favorite dishes at #1.

    1. I was pretty much appalled by the list. How could anyone take it seriously? Ketchup at #39? Anyway, I just recently discovered CNN Go and like its content and its concentration on Asia and Australia. On the Japanese news streams, there was a report that Korean officials were very upset at CNN for not including kimchee in their top 50 foods.

      1. kind of a strange list....
        i didnt realize condiments qualify as a whole dish...i dont think u eat ketchup just as a "food"
        or maple syrup?
        hamburgers? from germany?
        texas for ribs? texas for brisket maybe but ribs are not the first thing to come to mind from texas bbq..
        and marzipan?
        australia for chicken parm?...altho i have never tried it ...but i know quite a few italian Nonna's who would disagree...

        no mac and cheese?

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          «« i dont think u eat ketchup just as a "food" »»

          Depends on context; there was an attempt to reclassify ketchup as a vegetable during the first Reagan term.

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            but the title of the list states....

            World's 50 most delicious foods
            Some foods you eat to stay alive, others you eat because not to would be a crime. Here are those foods worth traveling the world to gorge on...

            in that context ...imho...i wouldnt "travel the world to gorge on" just ketchup.......

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            from Australia- Haights chocolates maybe. native food to australia ??? vegemite sandwich, i think not.

          3. Ketchup kind of puzzled me as well.

            1. this item is in the Engrish paper here in Taiwan (where i am currently enjoying its fabulous foods and exquisite teas) 2 days in a row now. the Taiwanese are furious!

              this is the writers' personal list and nothing more. rubbish list. ketchup, ay. egg tart, HK!?

              1. I applaud the list. It has a lot of diverse cuisines from all over and while I can certainly nit pick here and there, it's clear that the people behind the list know their food. So, I say, "great job." And, I like the wit shown with the captions.

                1. Texas BBQ pork? What?

                  So they gave ice cream to the Americans, but they award brownie and vanilla ice cream to global?

                  One of the worst researched food articles I've ever read on CNN.

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                  1. re: huaqiao

                    I'm also appalled by BBQ pork being associated with Texas. Brisket truly is king in Texas and sauce is frowned upon; it's only ever used to cover up poorly smoked meat.

                    1. re: agoodbite

                      Yeah. Same here.

                      Don't get me wrong, I loved pulled pork as much as any Caroliner does, but it's not really associated with Texas.

                  2. Buttered toast with Marmite must go at all costs. I know people who grew up on it that swear by it, but I tried it as an adult and had to spit it out.

                    One thing that would be on my list would be a plain steamed dungeness crab, fresh off a crab boat that hasn't been sitting in a tank for days/weeks. The sweetness of the meat and the amount of tomalley is unlike any other crab or shellfish.