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Jul 25, 2011 10:43 AM

Curras Nuevo Cuisine - North Asheville - Closed

Had a wonderful meal there Saturday night. Unfortunately, the server advised that was their last night of operation.

Just received this email ~

***** Curras is Closing *****

Tonight, Saturday, July 23th, Curras Nuevo Cuisine will be closing it doors for good.

It has been an honor to get to know many of you and a bigger honor to have served you. We hope you enjoyed our food as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.

We'll be open late tonight, so come by for dinner or a drink.

We'll be celebrating a wonderful 3 and a half years in Woodfin.

All the Best, Marco, Alejandro & Amy Garcia

Josh, Harris, Jeff, Sara, Sara Kate, Sara Jane, Danielle, Kimberly, Katie and Elizabeth. (and let's not forget Frank)

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  1. Color me bummed. :-(

    Never made it out there. (Which I guess makes me part of the problem.)

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    1. re: Jeff C.

      I'm part of the problem too. Been "meaning to go" for over a year....

    2. Very sad to hear about this the other day. Great food, great people. Difficult location. All the best to Marco and Amy.

      1. Sorry to see they closed

        I thought they did a good lunch business

        Went there for dinner and found the food good ,but very overpriced- entrees in the $mid 20's
        The location was actually good and I am confident that was not put them out of business

        It was their sky high prices for mexican style food

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        1. re: mustardgirl

          Thats sad, though I agree they were overpriced. Still, I will miss their fabulous fresh magaritas, especially the jalepeno one.

          1. re: mustardgirl

            Based on the reviews from this board, we had lunch at Curras a few months ago. Few patrons, lovely staff, food good and a bit overpriced for a lunch. Put it on my 'probably wont be able to drag my husband on the long drive to do this again list.'

          2. When we ate there we had 4 Margaritas 2entrees, no desert
            Bill came to $95 w/o tip
            THIS is why thet went Out of Business