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Jul 25, 2011 09:02 AM

Black beauty eggplants not so black...

My black beauty eggplants look like they are nice and healthy and growing very well except for one small problem...they aren't black. They are kind of yellowish green and light purple. Do you think they are still worth continuing? I know there are different varieties that come in all different colors, but from what I am seeing, the black beauties are supposed to be only black. I bought the plants at Lowe's so maybe they just labeled the pots wrong...or maybe I did something wrong while I was growing them. I think next time I will start with seeds. Anyway...what are your thoughts about my "not so black" black beauties? TIA!

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  1. You know I have the same problem with pepper plant purchased from Lowe's. Suppose to be Banana peppers but turned out to be Bell peppers. They do have problems with labeling, it seems.

    Also, I got some eggplant for my garden (from my mom) but turned out to be the variety that I didn't care for much. I let it continued (a bit disappointed) but found some people who appreciated and take them since it's a rare Thai variety. You really have to have acquired taste for it. Also, I've discovered that I did not mind them so much after eating them several times. After all, they're the fruite of my labor. I need to be more careful next year with my plant selections.

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      Thanks! Yeah, I really do think that Lowe's labeled them wrong. I think sometimes they just throw a label on it and not really pay attention to the variety of the plant. They probably only had tags for black beauty eggplants and figured nobody would know until they started growing so who cares. Kind of annoying. But yeah, I have had other plants mislabeled before as well. Well, I will just continue growing them for now and see how they taste. I am sure for eggplant parmesan they will be fine. Thanks again for your thoughts!

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        I had a labeling/sorting mistake on this year's package of green bean seeds: one of the seeds produced a climber and the package (and what I wanted) was for bush beans. The climber ended up scaling the neighbor's palm tree as a stake (great beans, though)!