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Jul 25, 2011 08:26 AM

Otto's in Horsham? not my choice, but....

I'm being taken to lunch there this Friday by my boss - I have never been here but also never heard anything very good either. Any feedback? What to order - what to avoid?

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  1. Avoid the food.. drink the beer?. The german sausages there are ok, so if you are inclined that way you will not suffer too much. The schnitzel there is not that good, and I am not a fan of their goulash either. Their spaetzel is passable. They have a large menu that is closer to a diner menu than just german, so you can order burgers, and cheesesteaks in addition to the german menu. I found their snapper soup to be pretty good.

    If it is not too hot, try sitting outside in the beer garden, thats the nicest thing about Ottos this time of year.

    If you wanted to suggest an alternative restaurant, I would suggest that you consider the Iron Abbey just up 611 which has a better beer selection, a nice salad bar at lunch and better food

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    1. re: cwdonald

      +1 to cwdonald's sentiment...
      I wrote otto's off years ago. When I was a kid, we loved the place but the food has gone steadily down hill for years.

      1. re: cgarner

        Make that +2.
        Fifty years ago, it was THE destination of choice when taken out by my grandparents. I fondly remember the jumbo shrimp platter (with FF and applesauce) as my staple before I discovered schnitzel and other German specialties.
        The German owners have long since departed and it is now run by a Turkish family trying but not succeeding at maintaining the former high standards. Lots of American bar fare (cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, etc.) has infiltrated the menu. I revisited in May, 2010 for a taste of nostalgia but was sorely disappointed.

        1. re: Chefpaulo

          Even up to a few years ago it wasnt that bad. It had a decent buffet on Sunday evenings, and attracted a good number of out of town military folks who were doing weekend manoevers at the Willow Grove Air Station. I believe it was sold about three years ago. There used to be a nice collection of steins and cuckoo clocks in the bar that have since departed.

          1. re: cwdonald

            That is a shame cwdonald. I remember going to Otto's with my mom. Julie's steaks was another enjoyable place to dine. I liked the simple meat and potatoes menu and the clientele from the base. I loved hearing some of the conversations there. One guy was treating a younger man and gave him some of his thoughts on marriage: "you give up an awful lot when you get married. If I had it to do over again I would not get married." Anyone else miss Julie's?

      2. re: cwdonald

        actually I would prefer the Iron Abbey, but this is my boss here - she invited me and specifically said Otto's. I'm not at all sure why though but I'm thinking SHE thinks I will like it b/c the German aspect--and I am very involved in a PA German historical society. Unfortunately it seems rude to suggest a different place!

        1. re: dberg1313

          Why can't you ask your boss what she loves about the place? It could open the conversation up to selecting another restaurant. My boss has always appreciated my honesty.

          1. re: crazyspice

            My thoughts exactly. Ask her if she thinks the cuisine is as authentic as when the German family owned it. If she is unaware that it is in Turkish hands, you can mention the change of ownership and why the clocks and steins are gone. Maybe she'll ask your recommendation for an alternate.
            CP "Diplomacy is the gentle art of allowing others to have your way."

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              Yay! We are going to Iron Abbey instead.....I was able to politely suggest another spot; she was unaware of the change of ownership.

              1. re: dberg1313

                'hounds are good for all kinds of advice!

                1. re: dberg1313

                  Let us know what you think of the Abbey. I haven't been there.

        2. I'm glad you were able to persaude your boss. I have to say though, I go to lunch at Otto's about once a month with coworkers. I always get the same thing (a spinach salad with chicken, bacon, cheese in a lemon vinagrette) and it's always delicious. I can't personally speak for any other items on the menu.

          Iron Abbey also has a great steak salad. Enjoy!